nut falls in ice cream at Johnny Carinos


I was horrified after a visit to our local Johnny Carinos this past Saturday evening. We had been sure to let the server know that our daughter is PA. We took all precautions. However, when eating a sundae at the end of her meal, I found a huge pecan under her vanilla ice cream. The explanation from the manager was that they prepare pecan crusted salmon near the station where they prepare desserts. I called their corporate office. They were very concerned and caring. The person I spoke to is bring this to the attention of management immediately. I told him I wanted to be followed up with as to what changes were going to happen as a result of this. Just when you think you are safe, something like this happens. Advise of the person I spoke with was to always ask for management upon being seated. He said if they are notified of a PA person, they will use seperate utensils, clean the counters, take every precaution. I will immediately follow this advice.


On Feb 25, 2006

Which Johnny Carinos was this? I live in the San Diego area and am PA. I have eaten there a couple times and felt fairly safe. Not now. [img][/img]