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Novartis/Genetech stifle PA drug

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Hi, I just found out my 13-month old son has a peanut allergy. We found it out by accident when he was being evaluated because of some asthma that he had. Needless to say, I was quite shocked and saddened, as I understand this allergy can be quite serious, particularly in those who also have asthma. After doing some online research, I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal from April 5th that I think everyone on this sight MUST read. It is about how two big drug companies -- Genentech and Novartis -- sued to keep an extremely promising drug ("TNX-109") that in human trials virtually cured peanut allergy, from the market because they were afraid it would compete with a drug they are now testing. They won in court, and now TNX-109 sits on a shelf, never to see the light of day - much less FDA approval. Here is the link to the article, [url=""][/url] qGm4%2C00%2Ehtml. What these companies have done -- keeping a life-saving drug from PA sufferers in order to protect their bottom lines -- is unconscionable. Can you imagine the public outcry if this had been done for a cancer or AIDs drug? I urge everyone to read this article and write to Genentech and Novartis (and your representatives - who can put pressure on the companies) expressing your outrage. Perhaps with our collective voices we can help revive the promise of TNX-109. Here are the e-mail addresses: [email][/email], [email][/email] thanks, Lori

On May 10, 2005

Hi Billsmommy, welcome to the boards. Sorry that you have to be here. Probably the reason no one is responding to your posts about this issue is because it is old news (a couple of years now I think) to those of us who have been dealing with this for a while.

We were all angry when this happened. If you do a search you can find many old posts about it.

On a positive note, there are some members here who are participating in current clinical trials for medications and desensitation methods. A search could help you catch up on these things too. I wish I knew how to create links to help you find this info more quickly but I'm not sure how to do all that.

Again, welcome to the board.

------------------ Lynee', mom to: Cade - PA, seasonal Carson - NKFA, seasonal

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On May 11, 2005

thanks Cade'smom - Guess you veterans are many steps ahead of me on this! Still I think newly joining folks may want a recap of what these greedy companies have done. Anyway, I'll be closely following the Xolair testing; hopefully it will prove as effective as TNX-109!

On May 11, 2005


Thanks for the post. I have been here for over a year and I must have missed this information when it was posted earlier. It is unbelievable that something like this could happen because of the profit of big bucks!!!!

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