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Hello, My ds was diagnosed at 18 months with PA(he's now 3). My allergist gave us and epi jr. and said to keep it with us at all times and no peanut products in the house. He said at any point in time he could have an ana rx. He also said refined pnut oil shouldn't be a problem.

So we avoided pnuts and pnut products, but have never been concerned about "May contain.."or "Processed with.." statements. We have had one incident when he was just in a diaper helping my dh fill the bird feeder. I never thought about pnuts in bird seed! Well of course he was spilling it all over himself and broke out in red bumps with some facial swelling. We gave him benadryl and stuck him in the tub and he was fine. Recently he has had several times when I thought he might be having a mild reaction with red cheeks-maybe a little bit of hives.

I thought I read somewhere on here about a study that showed increased sensitivity with increased exposure was a misconception. My question is - does sensitivity increase with exposure? Do we now need to eliminate all products with possible cross contamination? I don't feel my allergist has been very informative on a lot of the information I have learned on here. I don't want to be a paranoid mom, but me and my 3yr old dd (at the time) were the only ones to see the actual ingestion reaction. It is scary and that wasn't even ana.

Sorry so long, I have so many questions and also reading this board and looking back recognize signs I didn't see before. I even remember asking the lactation consultant if his eczema could be related to peanuts in my diet (I had noticed a difference when I eliminated them). She said she had never heard of that! (I can't believe I had forgotten about that until I read something on here!! I also took progesterone with both pregnancies which I read about on here!!

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You want to totally avoid peanut exposures mainly because you want to avoid anaphalaxis. This is because only a tiny amount can trigger an immune response, and from what I understand, it is possible that each exposure can worsen the allergy.

That said...check out Research on the main discussion board...particularly Melissa's thread "Invited to participate in a Research Study" and "PA Treatment Research Program (study) at Arkansas Children's Hospital." Both of these are about desensitization programs where they have had excellent results. In the second one, if you follow the link to the blog, you can sign up to recieve email updates on her little boy's progress. So I'm hopeful that this type of exposure therapy proves safe and will be available to us soon...

One caution about the peanut's only the most refined oils that don't cause a reaction. One of the first clues we had to my DD's PA was a rash on the back of her neck after eating at Chick-Fila.

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Hi There,

I have heard both... that with every exposure you are sensitized. I guess that is where they say your first reaction may not be as severe. however I have seen numerous studies that show that it doesn't matter. So that being said. I do not allow my some to eat any " may contains, made in the same factory ect" it is not worth is. Technically pure peanut oil does not contain the protien that causes the reactions. HOWEVER, I would not even go down that road. I would not let my DS eat at chick -fil-a. All they need to do is for 1 day start using some of the cheaper refined oil to save $$ and we would be in trouble not worth the rsik. So.. technically your allergist is right about the pure oil but I wouldn't chance it. and MY da is only 7 he wouldn't know the difference so I would not confuse him by saying theis is safe peanut oil this isn't. just my opinion. and seeing research about may contains... (something like 20% of the items that said may contain" really did contain enough of the protien to cause a reaction so we don't eat those )

good luck Therese

On Mar 31, 2008

Thank you for your responses. It is a lot to sort out, especially with me leaving town and ds staying with my mil while I am gone. She knows how serious this is so I know she will be careful, but still it is nerve wracking!. Jamie

PS. I forgot to sign my first post-sorry :)