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Hi, a few weeks ago my 22 month old had a very small bite of peanut butter and his lips swelled up and he had hives on his face, he never seemed in distress. I called the Dr. and the nurse said to keep him away from peanuts and that was it. Nothing about it being a dangerous allergy, or an epipen, just keep him away from peanuts. I didn't feel right about this so I made an appointment to see the Dr. and again I got keep him away from peanuts. I had to ask for an epipen and couldn't get any instruction on what other steps to take. Was his reaction not severe enough to warrant my worry or should I find another DR.??

On Dec 26, 2001

Yes, find a allergist, if the doc you saw is allergist, get a new allergist. I sugguest blood testing for confirmation of allergy and to find out if there are any other food(s) allergic to.

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