NOT allergic to peanut butter but allergic to plain peanuts?

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All three of my children eat peanut butter like its going out of style. We've had no allergic reactions whatsoever. However, my daughter has eaten plain peanuts (the salted ones in a container, or shelled peanuts) and seconds later says she feels like she's choking. She says her throat feels like something is stuck in it. HOW in the world can she eat peanut butter but not peanuts? I have read that some people have a different reaction to peanuts because of the protein structure. Has anybody else had an occurrence like this?

By FoodAllergyDude on Sep 18, 2012

Have you seen an allergist? It seems very unusual that a kid would be allergic to whole roasted peanuts, but not whole roasted peanuts processed into a paste. Make an appointment before you end up in the emergency room.

Good Luck!