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Posted on: Fri, 03/26/1999 - 12:18am
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I am outraged at the reaction of individuals concerning the severity of peanut allergy. I have been doing research on peanut allergy to better educate my family. I have come across some very disturbing sites. One columnist writes regarding peanut free buffer zones on air planes:

Where will it end?

-- "Attention everyone, I am hijacking this plane to Cuba!"

-- "Do what he says! He's got party mix!"

I fail to see the humor in this. I am overwhelmed by the comparison that is made on another site regarding the amount of profit from Peanut Sales versus only 15 deaths attributed to food allergy in a given year. I feel 1 is too many. Thanks for giving me a place to vent! Lynda

Posted on: Fri, 03/26/1999 - 12:36am
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Lynda, you hit the nail right on the head! I, too, saw a Web site where they were making fun of us parents with children who had the peanut allergy...something to the effect of...Here are these preppy parents with their little peanut allergic children riding in their Ford Explorers wanting to get rid of peanuts, etc etc. (I will try and find that web site again)! It was along the same lines as what you found. These people are clueless! I also fail to see the humor in it.
Thanks for posting a great is definitely not a joke!!
P.S. I also fail to see the connection between what kind of car a person drives and the peanut allergy!! Again...these people don't have a clue!
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Posted on: Fri, 03/26/1999 - 1:07am
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There is also a well-known and very popular radio talk host in the Boston area (also syndicated to Seattle area) that periodically makes jokes about peanut allergy, especially in relationship to the airline industry. He hosted an hour long segment a while ago on the topic, too. He is definitely NOT sympathetic to us. Nancy

Posted on: Fri, 03/26/1999 - 1:08am
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Connie: I would be interested in knowing the address of that site. The connection between the car and the allergy is the ignorance of the person writing such nonsense. I guess to some, the potential loss of a child amounts to nothing unless it is their child. Such a shame for something that could be avoided if people would just educate themselves. P.S. I think smoke is still coming out of my ears! Lynda

Posted on: Fri, 03/26/1999 - 2:44am
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I did not see the sites you have referred to, but was very disturbed by a recent television show.
Did anyone see the episode of Just Shoot Me where Nina tells everyone that she is allergic to peanuts and that she had to give up the love of her life b/c he was a peanut farmer? The show goes on and she eats a whole container of peanut dip and then goes on a TV Talk sho with swollen lips b/c of her allergy?
Being an adult who has only recently become aware (2years ago - the hard way) how sever my allegry is, I was appalled. I found the episode disgraceful and irresponsible - what a terrible message to send out to those who are not aware of the dangers of the peanut allergy.
Hopefully one day the everyone will realize how serious this really is.
This is a great site by the way - I just discovered it yesterday!
Good luck everyone.
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Posted on: Fri, 03/26/1999 - 3:12am
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Hi Lynda, I am still researching that site...will post it when I find it!
I posted a link on the link board today which didn't sit well with me either. I wanted other's opinions on this also.
This is not a joke and our children will NOT be the punch line!

Posted on: Fri, 03/26/1999 - 7:52am
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Yes, I read the article you had a link to "The Politics of Legumes", but wasnt' able to write a reply about it because I was too incensed. There is one word that sums up that writer--IGNORANCE. Any journalist worth his/her weight would research facts on a subject before writing about it. The ariticle is rife with erroneous "facts" and is purely this guy's selfish warped opinion. Its as if he is intentionally trying to antagonize those who are peanut allergic. Someone should write a letter to his journal's editor and set them straight with the scientific facts. [img][/img]
Here is an excerpt from the aritcle:
"Only 15 food-related fatalities were reported by the Centers for Disease Control in 1995, and killer peanuts may only have triggered a few of those deaths. Given the small number of these deaths, and the fact that peanut-allergy sufferers should be careful not to eat foods that hurt them, the overreaction is not even a justifiable one from the zealot's perspective. None of the government health authorities have suggested banning those with AIDS from sexual activity, or those who do not bathe from public libraries. To extend restrictive policies on health to such a frivolous, controllable allergy ought to be the last time any public health agency or group is taken seriously."
Don't we all wish the peanut allergy was just a frivolous allergy?!?!
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Posted on: Fri, 03/26/1999 - 8:23am
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I too am incensed about many jounalists lack of information and total disregard for the lives of the growing number of individuals with peanut allergy. We have a talk show host here in South Texas who has frequently poked fun at this allergy. I find it interesting that no smoking areas are an accepted and commonplace these days, and the danger of inhaling a few puffs of smoke is far less dangerous than a peanut allergic individual having contact with peanuts. Don't get me wrong, I am also a big proponent of no smoking areas, but it seems that the general public is much better educated about the dangers of smoking, so the jounalists don't touch that subject. I guess all we can do is to continue to raise awareness.
On a positive note, my new day care has decided to make the center a completely pb free center, and a letter and information about peanut allergy went out to the parents today. The letter was very detailed, and advised that children's hands and faces should be washed before coming into the center, and that as an added precaution the teachers would be cleaning hands and faces with wipees when the children entered. It advised parents not to let their children enter the center with food from home. I feel so fortunate that the director of the center was educated and caring enough to do this for my son and for future peanut allergic children entering the center.

Posted on: Fri, 03/26/1999 - 9:26am
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Debbie, congratulations on getting the daycare to go peanut free. I know this is off the subject but how did you convince the daycare (to go peanut free) - I'm still having trouble convincing my director that it is a serious problem -
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Posted on: Fri, 03/26/1999 - 10:54am
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Hi KBrosn,
Prior to my son starting the day care, I printed as much info on pnt allergy from the net as I could. I included an article saying the pnt allergy was on the rise in children, along with some of the gorier ones involving fatal reactions. I think both of these articles helped make them aware of the severity of the allergy. I also printed a cross contamination article, and the director along with the cook read this, and the cook decided it would be much better for her not to have to deal with pb of pnt in the kitchen at all. I included the how to read a label handout from FAN, and the director and the cook both review everything in the pantry for potential pnt ingredients.
As I said, I think the articles on deaths and near deaths from reactions along with the article on pnt allergies being on the rise sealed the deal.
Good luck to you in getting your day care to go pnt free. I would be glad to give you any other info you need. I know the stress that goes along with wondering everyday what your child may be eating that could cause reactions.

Posted on: Fri, 03/26/1999 - 11:16am
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Hi all,
I wish this allergy was as simple as these uneducated people make it out to be! Brenda, you made a key point here-it's as if they truly want a rise out of us and will go the extra mile to get it! I wish this allergy could be as "cut & dry" as they make it out to be. Life would be grand, wouldn't it? Just avoid the obvious! Golly Gee Whiz everyone, why didn't WE think of that!! NOT!! I guess we have no need for this board anymore (Chris, pull the plug)...or allergists...or support groups...or epinephrine...or worrying...or crying...we just have to avoid the obvious!!!!
Isn't it amazing that in every article I have found on the web that is protesting the peanut allergy, they all tend to say the same thing...stay away from peanuts (the obvious)and all will be well! These people should spend one day in the ER room and see first hand an anaphylactic reaction and experience the "hidden" peanut dangers that are NOT OBVIOUS. I sure wish it was that easy...
Debbie, I am very happy for you and your child! Good luck!


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