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I work at Northwest Airlines and have 15-month old DD who was recently diagnosed with PA. I went to the FAAN conference in Chicago this weekend and had the following exchange with our VP of Inflight Services over the weekend (you may need to scroll down to my note first and then read his response). Keep in mind that I sent hom a note on Saturday and he got back to me Sunday, which I thought showed his concern. Anyway...let me know your thoughts.

VP's response:

Aaron, our policy is as you have stated. When we are advised a customer has a particular allergy we will make an announcement advising customers not to consume any peanut based product that they may have brought on board. We cannot however conduct a search to ensure compliance. I am sure you can appreciate the difficulty in doing that. Our policy in this regard is quite comprehensive and we do not experience problems of any sort. This is especially true since we banned peanuts and peanut based menu items. I understand the importance of this topic to you personally. If you would like to discuss further, I invite you to call me at xxx xxx-xxxx. Thank you.


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-----Original Message----- Sent: Sat May 15 22:41:57 2004 Subject: Peanut Policy

Dear Mr. Adler,

My name is Aaron Murray and I am a Specialist in Airlink Planning. I am writing to you to gather some information about Northwest's policy regarding passengers with severe peanut and other food allergies. Unfortunately, my 15-month old daughter was recently diagnosed with a life threatening allergy to Peanuts. I attended a Food Allergy Conference today in Chicago and heard many passengers experiences regarding air travel. In talking to other peanut allergic passengers who have used Northwest, they provided the following information:

* NW will not guarantee that any of our flights are "Peanut Free" because we can't control what our passengers bring on board the aircraft. * NW currently does not serve any peanuts on domestic flights, but we do serve almonds in the 1st Class cabin and mixed nuts in WBC on International flights. * NW will allow passengers with a severe peanut allergy to pre-board so they can clean the tray tables, seats and arm rests and prepare a safe area for travel. * NW will make an announcement in the boarding area and on the aircraft that we have a passenger that has a life-threatening allergy to peanuts and that if passengers that brought peanuts aboard the aircraft could kindly pack them away for the duration of the flight, it would be greatly appreciated. * It was unclear whether we will halt the serving of almonds/mixed nuts on flights if a passenger notifies the flight crew before hand and whether or not we had a special peanut free meal that we served to passengers who notified us in advance?

That in general is what I have gathered on Northwest's policy

On May 18, 2004


Now, we've never flown with Caitlin, and I've only flown anywhere with DW once (whos anaph to peanuts).

We never discussed peanuts for the flight, nor had any problem then. She handled it fine...

And I cant foresee flying anywhere with Caitlin, only because I cant see flying ANYWHERE with <3> girls... Good god.. the horror!

Anyhow, though, that sounds like a well thought out plan of attack from NWA.

But thats coming from someone thats inexperienced in flying, and what ACTUALLY happens may be different...