Northwest Airlines


I found out something great about Northwest Airlines! I flew just recently with them, and while in the past I have spent countless hours before flights trying to get a peanut-free flight, I found out that they now have a separate number that you call, enter in your flight info, date, etc, and you will get a letter mailed or faxed to you that shows that they will not serve peanuts on the flight.

The only thing in addition that I have discovered is that you should show this letter when you check in. That way they can verify all the information.

Here's the number for all of you: 612-726-2002.

On Jan 3, 2002


Did this go as planned? I am thinking of flying with my daughter for the first time and I am nervous. Thanks

On Jan 22, 2002

We are booked on Northwest Airlines for a trip next month. They have a number for an automated system to request a peanut free flight. Unfortunately the flights we are going to be on are actually smaller sub carriers for them so I do not know if this system works for them. I have e-mailed them my questions. I am hoping for the best. I also appreciated the thread on epi-pens on board.