Posted on: Sun, 07/18/1999 - 5:02am
Nina's picture
Joined: 07/18/1999 - 09:00

We recently traveled on NWA with our 16 month old son who is severely allergic to peanuts. I called NWA a month in advance to request peanut-free flights. They took it very seriously, alerting meal catering and providing us with a letter to show the gate agents and flight crew. On both legs of our travels, they made several announcements in the gate areas and on the planes that the flight would be peanut free and requested that peanuts and peanut products carried on by passengers not be opened/consumed on the plane. I was also told by NWA that the meals served would not contain peanuts, in addition to not serving peanuts as a snack. Of course I wiped off surfaces and searched our area prior to my son boarding (after all, he is a toddler and prone to immediately stick everything in his mouth) -- I did, in fact, find a few stray peanuts on the floor. In any case, the flights were uneventful and I was very grateful to NWA for their attention to this matter. They did, however, serve a cookie with one meal on which the label clearly stated "may contain peanut traces." You can never be too careful; I will always carry safe food with us.

Posted on: Sat, 08/21/1999 - 4:45am
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Joined: 05/28/2009 - 16:42

pNina - Help! We just booked a flight with Northwest because our allergist recommended this airline. We did not have much luck with the NWA staff in trying to make arrangements to have a peanut free flight. Do you know who you talked to? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Kelly/p

Posted on: Sat, 08/21/1999 - 11:29pm
Nina's picture
Joined: 07/18/1999 - 09:00

pI can't remember the guy's name; I will search when I get home to see if I kept the letter. I reached him through the Customer Relations (Support?) department (I think only open M-F). It may have been a local Minneapolis number and not toll-free (not listed on the back of my WorldPerks card). I will check for this at home too. He asked if our son is allergic to airborne -- I said I didn't know, but he chose to assume he is. Our letter didn't say this but I wonder if it was in our record. We definitely had better service out of Minneapolis (they took it more seriously) than out of Portland, OR. I did call multiple times, including the day before or morning of each flight to ensure everyone was aware. We also arrived at the gate at least an hour early which gave them time to check with catering -- they said this was important just in case last minute changes needed to be made. Good luck -- I will try to provide more info tomorrow!/p

Posted on: Sun, 08/22/1999 - 3:59am
Lisa in AL's picture
Joined: 08/04/1999 - 09:00

pI also am flying Northwest in October with my 6 YO peanut allergic son and am having a terrible time with NW. I am sure I have spent 2 full hours total on the phone trying to get answers. The people I eventually talk to have assured me I would be getting the letter in the mail (the one to take with us to the gate), but it never seems to come. When I call back to ask if it has been taken care of, no one seems to know anything about it. I have read a number of posts that have indicated that Northwest has done a great job with this, but I am getting very frustrated. Maybe I am not talking to the correct people? I would sure like the customer service number you used also!!!!! I am running out of time and patience!! We are flying from Huntsville AL to Minneapolis, and the last time I called they said they would work with Mesaba Airlines (out of Huntsville) to ensure all legs of our flight would be covered...and a supervisor named Nancy would DEFINITELY get back to me. That was 2 weeks ago. Oops. I realized mybe I am venting a little here!!!Guess I should complain to the people who can help me! Anyway...I feel better now!/p

Posted on: Sun, 08/22/1999 - 9:54pm
Nina's picture
Joined: 07/18/1999 - 09:00

pKelly and Lisa -- I wasn't able to find the letter last night but I will look again tonight. Just talking to them now, the person recommended calling the "Customer Action Desk" 612-726-2046 (fax -- 612-726-6647; main # 612-726-3744). She said she has seen peanut-free advisories in passenger flights records and they are from this department; they contact meal service, etc. Again -- I'll try again to find the letter with the guy's name -- I can't believe I would have thrown it out! Nina (Grant's Mom)/p

Posted on: Mon, 08/23/1999 - 9:25pm
Nina's picture
Joined: 07/18/1999 - 09:00

pI searched everywhere I could think of for that letter but no luck. I think the guy's name may have been David but don't know for sure. My tips -- arrive early to alert gate agent and flight crew/meal service, bring own food, wipe down area, bring plenty of Epi-pens and try to relax. Recent newsletter from FAN said incidence of severe reactions on planes are rare. Good luck -- sorry I couldn't be of more help. Nina./p

Posted on: Tue, 08/24/1999 - 1:55am
Lisa in AL's picture
Joined: 08/04/1999 - 09:00

pNina and Kelly,br /
I think I finally found the right person to talk to (maybe the same David you talked to Nina?) The number was for Customer Relations at 1-612-726-0768 and his name was David Townsend. Hope this helps!!/p

Posted on: Sun, 12/26/1999 - 1:34am
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Joined: 04/27/1999 - 09:00

pJust a quick reply about Northwest. We have two children (5 3) who are both PA and with flying we are now terrified, as are the rest of you. We had great luck with Northwest Airlines. They gave us a letter to bring with us when we check in at the gate and I made sure to call many times prior to our departure,(two weeks before, one week before, day before) and every time they had our kids listed as allergic with a red flag on our flights. We had no problems with both flights and even the cookie given did not have any peanut traces listed. We are flying again in March with our kids and I feel very confident. Again, this was one instance and of course, anything can still happen. In the letter they gave us, it clearly stated that they are not in control of what other passengers bring on the plane. They did not do any announcement for our flights. That would have been nice. Anyway, we were very pleased so I wanted everyone to know./p

Posted on: Sun, 12/26/1999 - 10:08am
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Joined: 12/26/1999 - 09:00

pMy partner,son,and I had planned to fly on Northwest to visit relatives for Christmas. Our son is 23 months old and PA. We sruggled a very long time with whether or not we should take this trip, after having purchased our tickets. Eventually we decided our son and I would stay at home and not take the risk, at least while he was this young. Northwest was very helpful and were willing to try to ensure our flights would be nut free. However, one of the legs of our trip was to be on a carrier they did not own and we would have had to contact them ourselves as they told us they could not order that flight nut free. Because of our son's allergy they completely refunded our tickets with no hasseles. BUT, my partner did go on the trip as planned. Because of mechanical trouble with the flights he was scheduled to go on, he was bumped to another air carrier, Continental. He said there were peanuts everywhere and they were served twice. I just want people to be aware of this possibility. We obviously feel like we made the right decision this time and just want others to be prepared if they show up and have to face similar circumstances. /p
p[This message has been edited by Dana (edited December 26, 1999).]/p

Posted on: Tue, 12/28/1999 - 4:35am
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Joined: 11/11/1999 - 09:00

pWe just returned from a flight on TWA. They are only serving pretzels for the time being. Our flight was only one hour so actually no snack was served at all. However, the plane was filthy from the previous flight. There was food and wrappers on the floor. There was even a open bag of pretzels stuffed in the magazines. It was an uneventful flight but very scary. Interestingly enough when i was speaking to the flight attendant verifying no nuts on board, she said my daughter was the first allergic person she had met.It made me again realize how vocal we all need to be to get the message out there./p

Posted on: Fri, 01/07/2000 - 7:34am
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Joined: 04/27/1999 - 09:00

pRilira, you are so right!! We need to take a stand and make sure that we have safe places to travel in. I know there is one airline, and I can't remember their name, that will not ensure a peanut free flight. And of course, with the small amount of people who are peanut allergic, they figure they won't lose much income. Northwest just called me yesterday about our flight in March. They wanted to know if my kids were airborne or ingested allergic and when I told him both he said ok. They are sending me letters to give again when we go to the gate. You know, Connie, I know how you felt. We were soooooo naive when we brought our son on a flight a few years ago. It didn't even dawn on us about peanuts on airplanes!!! Duh!!!! When they started serving peanuts, and my son started to smell them and "feel funny" he said, I had to ask the head steward to stop serving them immediately. They did, and he did not react too bad. That was United Airlines, but just in case something terrible like that happens, I would jump up and grab the nearest attendent and demand they stop service. What could they do to you, say no??? Then I would just start announcing to everyone on the plane our situation and plead , Ha! That would be a sight, but you know, us parents can get crazy and we will do just about anything to keep them safe. I was very close to doing that if that steward said no. The first stewardess I asked said she couldn't do that. But, the head steward was very helpful. Stay safe everyone!! I'll post out Northwest trip after March and let you know how it went./p

Posted on: Fri, 03/08/2002 - 7:50am
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I am certain that you have better things to do with your time..... but I hope you complain vigorously to NW about how this went!!! (They take a lot of pride in the level of accomodation that they manage to provide, and I am pretty confident that your experience wouldn't measure up very well.)
Many of us here preferentially fly Northwest, (even with their lousy on-time record and inconveniently located MN hub) because of their willingness to accomodate severely PA passengers- remind them of that fact.

Posted on: Sat, 03/09/2002 - 11:01am
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Anonymous (not verified)

I am sorry to say I never contacted Northwest after our flight. I got very sick when we were on vacation and it is still lingering.
Sometimes I just get so sick of this allergy and trying to get people to understand.
I was just so grateful the trip was over. I am not the best flyer. I was glad we were home safely and Kelly was fine.
Still, I probably should write a letter.

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