North West Airlines


Recently I had to fly from LAX to ORD and I chose to fly North West Airlines because of all the wonderful things I had heard about them in regards to persons with severe allergic reactions to peanuts. Previously I tried to fly United but was kicked off the plane before it taxied since there were already other passengers that had taken out peanut products to eat. I was told by their customer relations department that the stewardess'es would make an announcement while passengers were boarding to refrain from eating peanuts as there is another passenger who is severely allergic to them. This never happened and when the stewardess'es noticed others eating peanut products I was told to get off the plane. I also booked a flight on American Airlines and was also told that they still serve peanuts in first class and that there was nothing they could do to prevent that even though their customer relations department assured me that no peanuts would be served for the duration of the flight. They too did not make an announcement while boarding other passengers to refrain from eating peanuts. I had to get to my desination as I was helping out my sick edlerly parents so I prayed the whole way that no one would open up a peanut containing product. I have gone into anaphylactic shock several times from just the smell of peanuts in the air when someone is about 6 feet from me. I almost died once since I can not inject myself due to the severity of my syptoms and had to wait for an ambulance to come. My flights from LAX to Minnesota to Chicago went with out a hitch and the airlines did everything in their power to enasure I was not exposed to any peanut containing product. They even went as far as checking the ingredients of the snacks they were serving in first class and discovered that the almounds they were about to serve conatined peanut oil. Needless to say they did not sever the almounds in first class. In addition our plane from Chicago to Minnesota had to be detoured to Madison Wisc. I then had to reiterate my concerns about a peanut free flight because I now was taking two different flights that they had no warning that a peanut allergic passenger was on board. They told all passengers three times to remove all peanut containing products from their possession prior to getting on the plane as the entire plane was a peanut free zone. They also checked to ensure the food they were going to serve was peanut free also. This is the first time I've flown where I felt absolutely comforted that I would not be exposed to peanuts. I recommend flying North West Airlines for all peanut allergic persons and I will not fly any other airline. Note: When you make the reservations you must contact their peanut free number at 1 612 726-2002 and you must tell them at the boarding gate to make the announcement as people are getting on the plane to refrain from eating peanuts.

On Jan 28, 2003

I'm so glad to hear you have a good experience on NWA. Because we live in Mpls, we typically fly NWA and have usually had a good experience. The only slightly negative one was a flight attendant who seemed a little annoyed at the whole thing but nonetheless, she complied. We're flying again with our PA son (5 yrs) in March, so glad to hear we can still expect good things.