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Hi all! We have finally decided on our summer vacation plans- a little late, i know- and we are going to North Conway New Hampshire. Any one have any good suggestions for safe places to eat while we are there? We are dealing with peanut, treanut and egg.

thanks sharon

On Jul 17, 2007

I can't give you good advice about the egg allergy, but we've been happy (PA and TNA) with the allergen handling at the Red Parka Pub, which is in the North Conway area (very close to StoryLand). They do have peanuts in the bar on the lower level, and possibly nuts in some of the desserts, but they seem to "get it" as far as the food in the restaurant goes.


On Jul 17, 2007

thanks! after I posted I did a search and did see several people mention that place, so we will definately try it out! I guess I did this backwards! But as you can see from my original post, since we are just booking our summer vacation now, can I really expect alot from myself??? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also- has any stayed at the North conway grand hotel? thanks

On Jul 19, 2007

We stayed at the North Conway Grand Hotel last summer. They have a restaurant at the hotel and we were able to eat dinner there with no problems. I emailed them a few days before we left asking if they could accomodate my daughter, who is allergic to peanuts and treenuts. They emailed me back saying that they could and that they kept some pots and pans aside for people with allergies so that their food could be prepared safely. Also, they said that their chefs were trained to avoid cross-contamination. We got to the restaurant right when it opened and spoke to the manager. We told her what our daughter would like to eat and she went to the kitchen to discuss the meal with the chef. She came back and said the chefs were preparing her meal separately. Then our server came to our table to take the orders for everyone else's meal. She mentioned that our daughter's meal was already being prepared due to the allergies. I was very impressed and wouldn't hesitate to eat there again.