Non PA son with hives


For the last few days my son has had a bout with diarhea (he is majorly lactose intolant and had a chocolate chip cookie). Then on Tuesday he started getting a little rash that looked like mosquito bites on his legs. I changed his clothes in case he was too hot and laid him down for a nap. When he woke up the little rash had spread into a huge welt that covered the lower part of the leg. I then noticed that he had another huge welt on his upper arm and the spots were starting on his other leg. I removed his pants to get a better look and the welts were covering his upper leg too. They covered about 75% of his leg. They were starting on his bottom and his back too. I gave him some benadryl and within 2 hours the welts were almost gone. When he woke up the next day you could visibly see another welt that was diminishing that must have appeared during the night. About two hours later the huge welts were back. His whole ankle was swollen and he was majorly complaining of them hurting. The center was very light pink with a dark red edge. I took him to the pediatrician who said that it was an allergic reaction (my PA son had hives with his reactions but never this huge) and gave us a prescription for Hydroxyzine. I have been racking brains trying to think of what could be causing this reaction. I can not think of anything new that he ate in the two days prior to the hives. The pediatrician said if it was something before two days he would have reacted to it sooner. He has not been outside around grass or weeds because it has been raining non stop. He ate alot of 'new' foods last week like soy cheese and his first bite of seafood. He was around puppies Thursday night and he tested allergic to dogs. We have not been using any new detergent or soaps. Has anyone heard of this antihistamine or can give me any ideas of what may be causing it? We have been using pull ups on him but he has gone through 3 packs of them. I am kind of anxious to get him off the meds to see if the hives come back.

On Nov 9, 2000

Naomi: Wow. Sorry to hear about this frustration you're all going through!!

I'm the Huggies person... just wanted to let you know that the hives my son developed from the Pull-ups happened over a very long period. He wore them for a least a month, with only a very slight 'rash' and that didn't show up right from the start. (It's been awhile since this happened, so I'm trying really hard to remember all this exactly!) When the hives started coming on really badly, it didn't take long for them to cover his entire body. My suggestion to you is to remove the Pull ups, give him a really good bath, and DO NOT put them back on him. See if that helps along with the Benadryl. Our problem was that we didn't know the Huggies were the cause, and so therefore didn't know to remove them and the residue left on him. I wish you all the best in finding out the source, and soon!! Also, don't wait too long... If the Benadryl is not removing the hives, take a next step - call your allergist/ped. Our ped. told us to continue with the Benadryl, that he'd be fine. The anaphylaxis showed up an hour later. I don't mean to scare you, I just know that I've been kicking myself for letting it go on as long as it did. I'd do it very differently now. Please let us know what happens. I'll be thinking of you and your son!

On Nov 9, 2000

Do Pull-Ups have latex in them? I'm just wondering because I'm pretty sure, as Lam said, that latex takes quite a few exposures (such as repeated IV's - the tubing is latex) before it becomes a problem.

I'm sorry about this latest incident too, Naomi - I'm thinking about you and your son. Wishing you the best, Carolyn.

On Nov 10, 2000

Just to add to the really good bath part - my ped. recommended putting a healthy handful (whatever that is - 1/2 cup?) of baking soda into the water. This will neutralize the skin reaction somewhat. My kids went through the same thing with the Huggies pull-ups.

On Nov 10, 2000

I spoke with a representative from Kimberly-Clark the other day about the elastic used in their diapers (I assume it would be the same for pull-ups) and it is not latex but spandex. Could explain why Lauren was neg. for latex...we tested for the wrong thing.


P.S. After our conversation they sent me $12 of coupons - guess I'll be buying their wipes [img][/img]

On Nov 10, 2000

Cayley's Mom, off-topic, sorry. You mentioned that latex takes quite a few exposures before it causes any problems. Jesse has tested positive to being allergic to latex and yet he must have been exposed to latex products 10+ times. Does this mean this is really where my concern should come in?

Also, NaomiR., did you find out what caused the hives on your son? This must be terribly frustrating. I have never had to deal with anything like this ever with my kids. The allergen has always been clear, so far (touch wood). Please let us all know. Oh, what about something in the chocolate chip cookie? Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Nov 11, 2000

I wanted to thank you all so much for your support. You have brightened my rough week.

The hives quickly went away after giving the medicine to him. Yesterday he had his last dose so we will see if they return.

It is still a puzzle to me what may have caused them (the cookies were home made and he has eaten every ingredient before that was in them).

I changed the brand of Pull-Ups (the other ones tended to leak alot at night anyway). The bath tip really came in helpful. It seemed to stop the itch/hurting that he was experiencing.

He now has an awful cough, mainly at night, that I am trying to stop before it gets worse. He got sick last year in November and stayed sick until the end of March. It is a very long story that I think is posted here somewhere about how incompetent doctors are........but we all know that already, huh? [img][/img]

I want to thank you for the support and encouragement. I truly do appreciate it. When I told all of my other friends (not allergy aware) they said, "Oh no not another allergy." But I am glad that I have somewhere to come where people actually understand!

On Nov 11, 2000

There is nothing more frustrating than a case of mystery hives. I hope your son feels better! And you, too, for that matter! Take care. Deanna

On Nov 11, 2000

Cindy - I don't know that much about latex allergy, except that once one has an actual reaction to it, one will react with each subsequent exposure. Since Jesse tested positive to it, and he has been exposed to it previously, I would guess that his "grace period" has been used up, and he should have no future exposures, just to keep him safe.

Most of the allergy links posted here and there on this site, have valuable information on latex allergy - definitely check into it. I have never heard of spandex allergy. This is what your daughter reacted to, Rebekah? And you too, Lam? Naomi - I'm glad the bath helped your son. And, yes, it is disheartening when you hear comments like "another allergy?" from friends. Everyone here is going through similar experiences, and the understanding and help is wonderful (we misfits actually "fit in" here!). Take care, Carolyn

On Nov 11, 2000

My daughter once had a huge hive reaction to mulch we had spread on our garden. They were all over her legs and legs were also swollen. We bathed her in baking soda and tepid water, gave benedryl. I guess that couldn't be an issue for your child since he hadn't been outside. Hope all is well.

On Nov 11, 2000

Carolyn, We're still not sure what Lauren is reacting to. She reacts to the spandex area but reacts much worse when the spandex is mixed with blue colored parts. I have yet to find out for sure what the blue is. All I know is that it is not a dye, but a pigment inbedded in the material during the manufacturing process. The material is either polypropylene or polyethelene. The two polys don't seem to bother Lauren unless they are blue AND have spandex in them. The spandex alone sometimes botheres Lauren but never as bad as when it's in the blue stuff.

Can you tell I'm still confused??? Rebekah

On Nov 13, 2000

NaomiR: Glad to hear everything seems to be okay now!!

Cayley's Mom: We never found out exactly what caused our son's reaction to the Pull Ups. We did a patch test, but (in my opinion) the patches weren't left on long enough to cause any reaction. He didn't show the rash until after wearing the Huggies for at least a month, so 2 days wasn't going to show anything. We were lucky that this happened pretty close to his being potty trained, so that was the end of 'diapers' for him!! (P.S. He was tested -negative- for latex.)

Rebekah: My heart goes out to you that you are STILL dealing with this. Hang in there - maybe you'll be the one who figures this whole thing out for everyone, and finds the cause and the cure for diaper rash!!

On Nov 14, 2000

This looks like a good place to plug cloth diapers. I used them on my kids and I loved them (I loved them so much that they're still piled up in my closet--I can't bear to part with them. Yes, that's strange). I didn't like the idea of those chemicals being in such close proximity to my children's reproductive organs for the first 3 years of their lives. I realize most people prefer disposables but if you try cloth you might like them. They're cheaper, softer and much cuter (they give babies that adorable big-butt look!) Good luck!

On Nov 27, 2000

Well it happened again but luckily not so severe. We were in NC for Thanksgiving and his great grandmother made him an egg sandwich. Within 15 minutes he had small hives all over his face. Benadryl worked but it makes me wonder about the eggs. I know he tested negative to all foods!

Luckily his diarrhea that he has experienced for fourteen days in the month of November has stopped. I assume it is probably something that he is eating here at our house causing that. He is extremely lactose intolerant and the two things I suspect would either be the Rice Milk or the soy cheese. For some reason the soy cheese has caseinate (a milk protein) but he tested negative to milk so we assumed it is a lactose problem.

SandraY-If my son was not almost potty trained I would probably switch to cloth but he wears underwear most of the time and pull-ups for nap and bed time.

On Nov 27, 2000

Regarding "Spandex"- isn't this just a brand name designation for an elastic material? What makes it elastic? Does "spandex" contain any natural rubber? Isn't anything with natural rubber a no no for latex allergy? In some confusion here.

On Nov 27, 2000

CVB in CA - Federal Trade Commission definition: Spandex is a manufactured fiber in which the fiber forming substance is a long-chain synthetic polymer comprised of at least 85% of a segmented polyurethane. Lauren tested negative for latex, but does react to spandex (recently her tights) so I do not belive the two are related.