Non PA Parent MAD at my son\'s school!!!


I have posted again and my Dd is is a kindergarten class with a child that has a peanut butter allergy. I am totally making sure that she NEVER brings a peanut product to school.

Well the school does not have a NO PEANUT policy so I have been allowing my son to bring peanut butter as I asked him MANY times is this ok? Are there any kids who are allergic? Has your teacher ever mentioned a Peanut allergy in your class before??

It always was No it's ok to bring peanut butter.

Well We got a note yesterday saying there was a peanut allergy in the class so could the kids please not bring peanut butter!!!

OMG what were they thinking??? THE PARENTs SHOULD HAVE ALL RECEIVED A LETTER AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR!!! NOT endangering a kid for 4 MONTHS!!

To think I have allowed my son to bring peanuts NOT KNOWING, really is upsetting.

Not much I can do about it NOW but BOY AM I STEAMED!!!

On Dec 13, 2002

It may not have been the schools fault. When my PA son started kindergarten, I insisted a letter go home to the students, the principal dragged her feet, so I drafted my own letter. The day the letter got sent home another mom came up to the teacher and thanked her for sending out the letter about their daughter. The teacher had no idea their daughter had a PA, and was shocked. Apparently the parents had filled out all the necessary medical paperwork, and left it up to the school to read the forms and act on it, which could have taken months. If my son had not been in the class there could have been some serious consequences for that little girl. PS I wish their were more parents like you. Thanks for caring.

------------------ Cynde Punch

On Dec 13, 2002

I to would like to thank you on behalf pf all the pa and tna childern in the school system. We need more parents like you! My little v starts speach school on jan 7.I am scared to death for her life. If ther is ever any thing I can do for you please dont hesitate to E-Mail me thanks again Hope you and yours have a happy holiday.

Love This Site Synthia

On Dec 20, 2002

mykidsandi: Thank-you so much for caring. Most have to live it to understand it--you truly are an exception! [img][/img]

On Dec 22, 2002

It could be that they are just finding this child is allergic to peanut butter.

Thanks for being so considerate! I'm scared to death at the thought of my child going to school.

On Dec 22, 2002

mykidsandi, welcome! [img][/img] I have to say that I'm really pleased that you would visit here and share what happened with you and your son.

After my experience with my PA son's school this year, I can see that it is very possible that the school may not have been aware that there was a PA child in the classroom.

Just two weeks ago, we were told of a child that was allergic to red dye if she ingested it, in my daughter's SK class. I thought, OMG, I've maybe been sending red dye things in without knowing. But had the Mother of the child let the school know? No.

Parents of children with food allergies are responsible for making sure that the school is aware of their child's allergy and also responsible for telling the school how they would like their child's allergy handled. Many PA parents do not choose to have a peanut free classroom, so even if you had been told that there was a PA child in the classroom, your child may still have been okay eating pb in the classroom.

For example, I don't allow "may contain" products into my son's peanut free classroom. However, the Grade 1 class, which also has a PA child in it, does allow "may contains" in it. It's a comfort zone thing among food allergic parents and eventually their children.

I understand your almost horror because when I found out about the red dye, I kept saying OMG, OMG at the dinner table and my kids asked me when I was going to stop. But had I been made aware of it? No. And more importantly, had the school?

The other day, my daughter's class had a Christmas party. One of the other Moms made rice krispie squares and made sure not to buy the Christmas ones with red dye because of the child in the class. She even didn't decorate ones with Smarties so the child wouldn't have red dye Smarties on them. At the end of the day, she was given back some rice krispie squares and told by the teacher that there was a child in the class that was allergic to rice krispie squares.

We're standing there and it's like WHAT? First of all, you can't be allergic to rice krispie squares, per se. You have to be allergic to something that is in the rice krispies, the marshmallows, the butter or the margarine. Not solely rice krispie squares. I thought for the teacher to even say this was idiotic and basically just confuses the he** out of people.

I really respect that you felt the way you felt, but I have to say, if you hadn't been aware of the situation (just as I wasn't about the red food dye), don't think anything more about it being *your* problem. It is either the school's (and the way I am with my son's school right now I would like to say it's the school's), but most probably the parents of the peanut allergic child.

There are a lot of parents out there that do have different comfort zones but there are also a lot of parents out there that simply do not know any better. I was one of them at one point and my son almost died. [img][/img] It could be one or both of those things.

Thank-you SO much for sharing your story with us. You don't know how heartwarming it is for us, especially those of us who have heard nasty comments from other parents about their children not being able to eat pb when we know our beloved little ones could die.

I really appreciated your post (my guy had a reaction this week and I'm feeling particularly down) and it really did brighten my day (or the wee hours of my morning [img][/img] ) There are good, caring, considerate people out there and you don't have to be a parent of a food allergic child to be one. I'm glad you shared this with us and if I could, right now, I'd just hug you (of course, just had a terrible fight with the MIL about Christmas but then what else is new?)!

Many thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]