Non-Candy Halloween Treats


I just thought I'd let everyone know that I found Non-Candy Halloween treats at Target yesterday.

There were several different styles of sticker boxes. I got one bag of Pooh and one of Scooby Doo. They also had little boxes of "Tattoos" for sale as well.

I can still make home made treats for my guys and for the neighbors that we know. But this year I won't have a bunch of extra candy in the house that I end up eating [img][/img]


On Oct 4, 2002

There is also a large variety of Halloween favors at Michaels craft store.

On Oct 4, 2002

Spudberry: thanks for posting about these! [img][/img]

What is the company that makes the Halloween stickers and tattoos? What department of Target did you find them?

I posted about Crayola Halloween crayon packs a few days ago and love the idea of non food treats! [img][/img]

On Oct 4, 2002

It just says:

Distributed by The Paper Magic Group, Inc. Scranton, PA 18501 USA Made in China

I found them right next to the bags of candy bars in the Halloween section.

For those with little tiny ones - it does say they are a choke hazard for those under 3 - but so is most candy.

On Oct 9, 2002

Try the Oriental trading Company ([url][/url] or 1-800-228-2269). They have tons of non-candy Halloween treats, and certain types of peanut-free candy as well. I just posted a note under another thread that they carry Hershey's Sixlets by the box. I had a Halloween party last year and filled the kids' goodie bags with mini-flashlights, kickballs and stickers. They're pretty cheap too.

On Oct 9, 2002

I bought my Halloween hand outs at Oriental Trading Company. I got the mini halloween erasers. They are all individually packaged, and makes a nice alternative to handing out candy at the door. I am hoping all the kids will like it. (I think they get too much candy anyway).

On Oct 9, 2002

Well, I already purchsed my candy on sale(wanted to get the safe stuff while it was cheap too), but I think I may make the switch next year to non-candy treats. I put very little candy, and only small pieces in treat bags at birthdays, and I think there is enough aroung that non-candy traets are refreshing for Halloween. Especially for kids with allergies! I think I will need a stash of something for the preschool trick or treat thing. Though I am handing over a "safe" list tomorrow, I will make my stand by sending non-candy for that. In fact, may be at Target or a craft store this even to take care of that! becca

On Oct 10, 2002

We found little Halloween-themed Snyder's pretzel bags at our Wegman's supermarket.

ps - I was wrong about finding those at Wegman's, it was Target....ooooops

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On Oct 10, 2002

Thanks Buffalobeth for posting about Snyder's! Great idea, I will look for them ASAP! [img][/img]

On Oct 10, 2004


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On Oct 10, 2004


Originally posted by SpudBerry: [b]I just thought I'd let everyone know that I found Non-Candy Halloween treats at Target yesterday.


Maybe not the exact same stuff, but I found it to be similiar this year too. [img][/img]

Even tho I don't have anything in our Halloween candy supply [i]my cubs couldn't eat[/i], I am offering "non-candy" items for those with food allergies, or age appropriate toys for the very young. Target made that easy for me. (I also picked up some cool of them a motion activated [b]MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA[/b] stone. [img][/img]

General Disclaimer: I am not offering advice in any manner or form, just really into fall right now.

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On Oct 10, 2004

This year I ordered the mini flashlights from the Oriental Trading Company, and I picked up some of those little tiny Cheetos bags to give out.

My kids LOVE Chester Cheeto! Speaking of which, they now have a baked version that is pretty good - but for Halloween I had to get the regular fried kind.

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On Oct 10, 2004

I just remembered that Sixlets are no longer safe, so if there are any new members here reading this thread and see the note about Sixlets - they have since been sold and are now made in a facility that contains....

On Oct 11, 2004

Another alternative is juice boxes - that is what I am handing out this year. Everyone will know why as there is a big "Stop this is a peanut/nut free house" sign on my door! I don't know if you have the junior juice boxes by McCains in the US, but they are great here in Canada. Four instead of three in the package. We only get about 35 kids anyway! Happy Halloween (and Thanksgiving here in Canada!)

On Oct 13, 2004

One of the companies that makes hair accessories has little bags of fun hair clips and ponytail holders... Scunci (sp?) I think was the brand name. I saw them at a local Albertsons.