No Name Brand (President\'s Choice)

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Just a quick note - called their 800 # this am, to inquire about the no name brand premium cocoa. No nuts or tree nuts. Also, I was informed that they have an agreement with all of their manufacturers that if there is the risk of cross contamination of a product, there will be a statement on the container saying so. Great news, I wasn't sure if they had a policy in place, and pre-diagnosis, I used a lot of no name/ PC products. She did mention though, that if ever in doubt, to call the hotline for info. Very helpful lady! HTH!

On Sep 29, 2008

Thanks for calling and posting the information! It is nice when generic brands actually have good labeling.

On Oct 8, 2008

I love president's choice, they're easy to reach and always give you good info. Their labelling is usually good-- once I found a box of pancake mix though that didn't have a nut warning, but they told me there were nuts in the facility but not on the same line... However they have strict controls, etc etc. I didn't use it because I had safer options, but I generally trust their labelling... (and I've used that cocoa :)