No more PB at my Synagogue

Posted on: Sun, 11/06/2005 - 10:36am
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Today I met with the sisterhood at my synagogue. Part of why I was there was to ask them to eliminate the peanut butter from their meals after services.

There is usually a bowl of PB and J on the table with the rest of the food.

I expected trouble and was quite freaked out but once I got to the meeting I saw they were all my friends and who better to talk to than your friends.

No problem. They were even aware of PA but had not taken the step to eliminate the PB.

Bottom line is no more bowl of peanut butter in the Synagogue. Not peanut free, they will serve bakery cookies and may contains once in awhile but the peanuts in the air will be eliminated.

They will eventually phase out may contains and the bakery cookies. I mean eating is not mandatory but breathing is.... I was more concerned with the ambient air and cross contaminatin than anything else.

I asked them to make mention of this in their monthly column in the newsletter so people will know and ask questions if they do not understand. I mean what am I if not for education?

My son will be happy as will another allergic girl in the congregation, as well as those to come.


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