NJ bill A.961 call Assemblyperson in your area

Posted on: Tue, 03/14/2006 - 8:28am
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Assembly bill 961 has been scheduled for a vote in the General Assembly this Thursday, March 16, 2006!

This important bill addresses the emergency administration of epinephrine to students at risk for anaphylaxis; the issue of delegates trained to administer epinephrine; and plans to reduce the risk of student exposure to allergens.

The bill was approved by the Assembly Education Committee in early February, and will now be voted upon by the full NJ Assembly. If passed by the Assembly, the bill would then be sent over to the NJ Senate.


Please contact your Assemblymembers TODAY OR TOMORROW by telephone, email or fax and ask him or her to support the bill on Thursday. Ask your friends and family to contact their Assemblymembers, too!

For the name of your Assemblymembers and their contact information, visit [url="http://www.njleg.state.nj.us,"]www.njleg.state.nj.us,[/url] and click on

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