Nightmares about PA and other allergies


I have many nightmares from all the worries about food allergies. I'm sure I'm not alone. Anyone else have nightmares and would like to tell?

One time I had a nightmare where we were at my son's preschool and there was a party and someone gave my son a strawberry-filled chocolate candy when my back was turned. My son took a bite and I noticed he was holding the candy with a bite taken out of it and I started panicking, I lift up his shirt and hives on his belly. (the way he usually starts having a reaction). I'm screaming who gave him the chocolate? And when I saw the woman I woke up.

Another dream was about preschool also. They were having a BBQ and I noticed the teacher had 4 packages of hotdog buns and burger buns full of sesame seeds.

When my son had mystery hives a couple of weeks ago I kept dreaming about that afternoon, over and over again.

On Jul 20, 2007

I don't remember ever having one about my son's PA. I had one about him drowning in a swimming pool and one about fallling out a window, though. Just goes to show that there are so many OTHER things to worry about besides the PA [img][/img]

But my best friend DID have a dream about my son's PA. She is an exceptionally kind and caring person and the only one I allow to watch my child. She had a dream that he picked up a Reese Cup wrapper one day as they were taking a walk. Sometimes I think that she is more worried than I am. I am very blessed to have her in my life.

On Jul 20, 2007

I have them all the time, it seems. Well not all the time but enough. I dream things like my dd eats something with nuts in it or even eats a nut. She's never had a reaction in the dreams. I always freak out too (in the dreams) and am puzzled when nothing happens.

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On Jul 21, 2007

My friend had a dream about my son having a reaction too. She is the only friend I would trust my son with also.

On Jul 23, 2007

I've had several random dreams about pa. After his dx, I used to have NIGHTMARES about kids chasing him with a pbj sandwich or trying to trick him into eating something with pb. Once I had a dream that I was being attacked and couldn't decide whether to use the epi pen as a weapon. My DS wasn't in the dream, but I worried that if I wasted the epi pen on my attacker, I wouldn't have it if my DS needed it. Completely bizarre.

On Jul 23, 2007

Over the course of almost 5 years I have had a few. The last one just a few weeks ago. He is always having an awful awful reaction and I do use the epi. The last one he was actually life flighted out of our neighborhood. They are always very frightening, and graphic.

I have never noticed any correlation with anything that is going on in real life.

In any case I find the dreams disturbing...

On Jul 24, 2007

I have one of these every couple of weeks. I have them more often if we have something coming up which will take me out of my comfort zone. I don't like them. It is funny because usually if I tell someone about the specifics of a dream I won't have it or any like it again - not so with the food allergy nightmares. Cindy