Posted on: Sun, 05/12/2002 - 4:07am
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pLong story, sorry. We attended a family wedding yesterday and we decided that Wade would not eat the meal provided, it was just too risky. We stopped at Harvey's and bought him a hamburger and french fries and proceeded to the National Arts Centre for the reception./p
pWe thought we were being so careful, Dan even made him a sign to wear that said "Please don't feed me, I have a Life-Threatening Food Allergy". Dan sat with him and I was just out of the room because it was not yet time for the meal. Wade told Dan that his mouth and throat hurt, Dan thought that he just did not want to eat anymore and told him that was fine. Shortly after when I was in the room, he began to vomit. Then Dan told me about what Wade had said about his mouth and throat hurting./p
pAny other time I would have called an ambulance however, the Tulip Festival is on in Ottawa at the moment and last night there were road closures all over the downtown area and I did not think that an ambulance would arrive quickly enough so we took him in the car ourselves. He began to loose consciousness in the car and I gave him the epi in the Arts Centre parking lot. We exited the parking lot and ended up at Colonel By which was CLOSED! A police officer directed us to Elgin Street which would have led us to Main St. and then Smyth Rd. to the hospital but Elgin was Closed from Catherine Street on! We stopped at Catherine and asked the police officer there how to get the CHEO quickly, our son is having an anaphylactic reaction? His response was a rather sarcastic "you should have called an ambulance" gee, thanks alot...most helpful!/p
pWe managed to get to CHEO and were seen right away, by then he was breathing OK (no doubt because of the epi) so they had us wait...he began to vomit again and was in and out of consciousness before they finally realized that he was in trouble. He was put in to the ressusitation room and put on a heart monitor etc...they pumped him full of steroids and he was admitted for the night./p
pHe had an irregular heart rate and kept having episodes of apnea that they could not explain./p
pWhat I learned from this:/p
pTrust your instincts...I had wanted to give him the epi while we were still in the reception but listened to family members who thought that I should wait!/p
pCall an ambulance...I was in no position to know how quickly we could get him to CHEO and should have at least spoken to 911./p
pMy comfort zone has narrowed considerably because of this, I don't know if I will allow him to eat fast food's something I will have to think about long and hard./p
pI know that I can use the epi pen and will never listen to others advice again, I could have lost my son because of my hesitation./p
pEvery reaction is different, his first reaction was really obvious, hives, swelling, etc. this time he vomitted and lost consciousness shortly after...TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS, give the epi!/p
pI almost forgot, at the hospital, when Wade was throwing up the nurse said..."that's great...he's getting it out of his system" ...Think maybe they need to educate these nurses a bit./p
pSorry for the length of this, I just had to get it out./p
pKatiee (Wade's greateful mom))/p

Posted on: Sun, 05/12/2002 - 6:02am
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Gosh that's terrible! I'm so glad he's ok. How terribly frightening and how horrible that police officer and the hospital staff were. If you are feeling up to it- you should write a letter to the editor, the hospital and whoever and let them know that the behavior of those people was not acceptable!
Thanks for telling your story, it always helps us to learn more about what we need to do and what to look for. I just can't believe what that nurse said! Thank goodness for epi-pens, they are the only friend we have sometimes.

Posted on: Sun, 05/12/2002 - 6:26am
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How awfull! Thank goodness Wade is ok.
Now, we don't eat fast food very often but have had the chicken strips and fries from Harvey's....I'm probably going to be afraid to go there now to.
Thanks for letting us know what you have learned from this.

Posted on: Sun, 05/12/2002 - 11:21am
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I am so glad your son is all right. What a terrible experience. Unfortunately a lot of us have had such horrible close calls and your are right to listen to your instincts. I commend you for being positive and trying to learn and teach us all the lessons that have come out of this.
Be kind to yourself the next few weeks. I happen to know you may have a little traumatic stress from this and will have a little mental fallout from this. After I almost lost my daughter everytime I heard an ambulance near her kindergarten I would drive up there to make sure it wasn't her. I would feel anxious a lot. I would have nightmares she was dying on the bus and I was following in the car. I know it sounds nuts, but what you and your family have been through is very traumatic. Be kind to yourself and take it easy.
Good luck in the future. Stay safe!

Posted on: Sun, 05/12/2002 - 1:24pm
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OMG Katiee,
Thank God Wade is ok. GOd bless him.
Don't beat yourself up over this. I'm sure your blaming yourself, but don't.
I am thankful though you have shared your story. I was going to start a new thread tonight because my pa son is ring bearer for my brothers wedding in June. I have just started to worry about Drew being in the wedding party and me not being there. THe one good thing about the wedding is that my brother is marrying a nurse.
When I go to bed tonight I will say and extra prayer for you, Wade, and your family. [img][/img]
Best wishes,
Renee [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 05/13/2002 - 12:22am
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Can you tell us if you are pretty sure it was Harvey's hamburger and fries that caused the reaction? Have you followed up and called them to ask what oil they use?

Posted on: Mon, 05/13/2002 - 12:57am
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Well smack, to the best of my knowledge it had to be the Harvey's. As he began to eat he told his dad that his mouth hurt, then his throat hurt, then he vomited. He had nothing to eat before that. I was told that Harveys was safe, that the only things of concern were the dipping sauce for the chicken.
I believe that it was the coated french fries. All the manufacturers I have contacted in the past that make coated fries have stated that although their plant is peanut free, they get the coating from another manufacturer that also makes peanut containing products. Therefore, they can not guarantee the fries would be safe.
I want to contact Harveys head office but I am waiting to hear back from the Anaphylaxis Network. I contacted them with questions on how to proceed with this. I also emailed the Canada Food Inspection Agency to report the reaction.
What is supposed to happen when a "safe" food makes someone ill? What is the hospital's role in this? Does anyone know? Right now it just seems like a pass the buck kind of this here. I just want to make sure that what happened to Wade does not happen to anyone else and if it was the Harveys they should act appropriately.
I may never have an answer. Who is to say whether the person who prepared Wade's meal had a PB sandwich and did not wash his hands. This just makes it all the more scarry for all of us I think because really, who can we trust?
Wade is much better today but very clingy. The steroids are giving him some pretty wicked nightmares. I'm still a wreck but I'll get over it.
Thaks for the support guys, I really appreciate it.
Katiee (Wade's mom)

Posted on: Mon, 05/13/2002 - 1:24am
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Just wanted to add, I just heard (via email) from the Canada Food Inspection Agency and have provided them with my phone number. I was told they will investigate and will contact my by phone.
At least it looks like they will try to determine how this happened.
Katiee (Wade's mom)

Posted on: Mon, 05/13/2002 - 4:33am
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Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Wade!
Thank you for sharing your story.

Posted on: Mon, 05/13/2002 - 4:53am
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Hi Katiee
I am really sorry to hear of Wade's reaction but am glad it worked out in the end. My daughter has eaten at Harvey's without any issues - do you mind telling me which one it was? (You can email me off the board again if you want).
I think the nurses at CHEO need a little work as well - I had my son there for his asthma 2 weeks ago and we went straight into the smaller waiting room where they usually give him a nebulizer right away but we waited 45 minutes and until we were in the regular area to get his neb. I made sure I complained to the pediatrician on call - they have a protocol and should follow it.
Once again, I hope Wade is doing all right now.
take care

Posted on: Mon, 05/13/2002 - 6:44am
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I'm very sorry about your DS's reaction. I hope he is doing better. I hope you and you DH are better too. You must have been terrified.
I lived in Ottawa until last year. Downtown in the Market. I know how it is with the road closures etc. Can be a difficult place to get around. CHEO is where I took my DD when she had her first (only) reaction the first time she ate pb. It was anaphylactic but I didn't realize that until I described the reaction to the allergist about a month later. The dr at CHEO did give me a sript for the epi-pen, though.
Good luck and good wishes.


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