Nice gesture at the pool!

Posted on: Wed, 08/04/2004 - 4:38am
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I was so pleasantly surprised when a mom approached my friend and I and inquired if any of our children had a peanut allergy! Her son was going to play with them and she then whisked him away and washed him up meticulously. I apprached her when I had the chance(I was feeding baby), and thanked her and said how nice it was for her to have asked. Unfortunately for her, she has a fatal tree nut allergy, but not to peanuts, expalining her sensetivity.

It was nice to know there was also an extra pair of eyes. The pool is a scary place at times. She said she has seen Moms wash kids up in the pool after eating PB!

Oh, and if you are a member here, thanks again and see you tomorrow. [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 08/04/2004 - 4:41am
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How refreshing to hear about things like that! If only we could get everyone else to understand now!
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Posted on: Thu, 08/05/2004 - 12:28pm
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Wow, that is great, its good to hear about nice things people do every once in a while too!

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