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Hi, my 14 month old daughter was allergy tested last week and came up allergic to peanuts. She's also allergic to oranges, soy, wheat, and pecans. She's had peanut butter more than once with no reactions, but she did have a reaction to pecans a couple weeks ago. We're seeing the doctor on Wednesday, but I'm eager to hear what to expect. Are peanut allergies always a big deal?

On Jun 7, 2008

welcome, petra.

i don't know if they are always a big deal. for most of us here, they are a big deal because our child has either had a bad reaction or we have been warned that they could.

i think as you do more searching and reading about this allergy, you will find that we never know. it could be a localized hive reaction that goes away when cleaned, or it could be anaphylaxis. we just don't know.

my husband ate tuna all of his life. i mean, growing up, lunch every day. when he became an adult he went through a long period of time not eating tuna. one day at work, he had tuna and went into anaphylaxis. never knew he was allergic, ate it all of his growing up years. now he has to be careful if he eats a salad that is cross-contaminated with caesar dressing.

it's just that whole "you never know" thing about food allergies that is so hard.

as you gain more knowledge and watch your child, you will come to a good comfort zone for her. welcome to the site, it is a wealth of knowledge.

On Jun 10, 2008

Hi There

sounds like your child has a tree nut allergy. It is possible to be allergic to tree nuts and not peanuts. but usually avoid both because of cross contamination. you never know how mild or severe the reaction will be they are not always the same. welcome

On Jun 10, 2008

Hi Petra welcome to the board. I hope that you recognize that a peanut allergy can become anaphylactic at any time. While there have been no previous reactions, the next exposure could turn into anaphylaxis. I hope you don't ever have that experience, however, you should always be prepared. Let us know if you have any questions at all.