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Hi Everyone... I'm so impressed with this network, I needed to join. My son, aged 25 months had a reaction to touching a cookie with peanuts on it at his birthday party. His face swelled up to the point where his eyes were nearly shut. We avoided peanuts and everything we could think of until his 2 yr appointment, 3 weeks later, and at that appt RAST testing confirmed our suspicions that it was a peanut allergy. My name is reformednursemom because i've learned that i have to throw out the nurse in me when dealing with this topic. It's an emotionally charged issue for those of us dealing with it...I think being a nurse makes me look for evidence to make it not as bad as it really is. I told a coworker who also has a child with PA that "we weren't sure how strict we were going to be" and she looked at me like i had two heads...there really isn't too much leeway in this area. I am reformed because I was guilty of thinking "if everyone is washing hands and not sharing food then it really shouldn't be a problem for my child to bring (insert allergen of your choice) to school". I was wrong. Nurses believe they know everything. I'm guilty of it myself. I know nothing. You're helping me learn. Thank you!

On Jun 28, 2008

reformednursemom, don't be so hard on yourself. It takes everyone time to figure out pa and their comfort zone. Even the medical profession. There are times when all mothers re-define where they stand on things. I would take comfort in that your experience will be a great asset to you and your son. Welcome to the board.

On Jun 29, 2008

Glad to have you here ( well not glad that you HAVE to be here.. ) but glad you found the site.

I was pretty ignorant before my son had the allergy. My nephew ( who is now grown up) has had a peanut allergy since he was little before ANYONE knew that a peanut allergy even exsisted! I shutter to think what could have happened to him. we were all pretty careless.. He was lucky that he did not have. perspective always changes when it is your child.