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Hi all, So glad to have found you. My DD was diagnosed with PA last week by ImmunoCAP (level was 1.08). She's never eaten peanut products directly, but I breastfeed and have eaten PB off and on. We had her tested b/c she breaks out in hives off and on (no itching, they only last 20-30 min and don't appear to bother her) and we were unable to find any pattern to it. Don't know if the hives are related to PA; they may not be.

So, the allergist called and told me she was PA and prescribed an epipen, but that's about it. Really no guidance about how careful to be or not be (just don't feed her peanuts), so I am flying blind and uncertain about everything.

I'd love any advice you have to share for a neophyte PA-parent who has no clue if her child is severely allergic. My biggest worry right now is daycare. Erin is in the under-12-mo room at her daycare but when she moves to the 12-18 mo room there will be table food around and I don't know how to proceed. Do I bring all her food? Educate the staff and let her eat the table food that is peanut free? Find a peanut free daycare, if such a thing even exists where I live?

Guess I just need a bit of encouragement and a place to start [img][/img]

On Jul 24, 2004

Hi bookworm, welcome to the club nobody wants to join - but everbody is welcomed in to. [img][/img]

Sorry to hear about your daughter being pa. But, glad to hear a doctor prescribes an epi-pen without waiting for severe reactions.

You say your daughter will be moving to a new daycare room in about a month? Start talking to them NOW. Find out if they have dealt with any food allergies (chances are they have) and whether or not it was peanut, and whether or not it was life-threatening.

I have adult on-set allergies and my reactions went from an inconvenience and embarrassment to life-threatening. Now I have to not only avoid the allergens (peanuts and sesame seeds) but also trace amounts. There are some people who feel OK about eating (or their child eating) foods that run on the same line as peanuts - but for me that's just not safe.

Have you looked through any of the threads here yet? There is a wealth of information. I know day cares and schools have been discussed a lot, some in the schools forum, but also in Main and Living with forums.

Good luck, and ask any questions you want. Nothing is to trivial to ask.

btw, you seem to be quite *on the ball* for only one week in to this. [img][/img]

On Jul 24, 2004

You can look into seeing if they (the daycare) can order the Child Care & Preschool Guide to Managing Food Allergies, from FAAN (800-929-4040)

I believe it is a great resouce---you may want to consider it for yourself, I think it would be very good for extended family, babysitters, what not. That way it si yours & is available to anyone that cares for your child. (its pricy though)