we have to be a nut free home?


My 21 mo. old son was just diagnosed wiht penaut allergy yesterday. Doc said no nuts of any kind b/c he tested positive for pecans too. My 7 year old daughter pretty m uch is sustained by nut protein......can we manage this allergy w/ out bannign all nuts from the home and thus starving our daughter? Being somewhat facicious here...but seriously wondering what people think!

By GinaT on Nov 19, 2012

It's probably a good idea to get rid of all nuts. If your daughter insists on eating nuts, send her to school with a closed bag of almonds and ensure that she doesn't share with anyone. She is still young enough to change her diet and not have too hard a time.

By Michelyne Callan on Nov 20, 2012

I think it's a good opportunity to teach your daughter about compassion, as well as have ONE safe zone where you can let your brain rest. When we found out about our PA son 17 years ago, we banned nuts in all forms in our house. I found it enough to think about cross contamination or contact issues every single time he left the house that I needed one zone where I didn't ever have to think or worry. Your daughter needs to treat this as seriously as it is, and not having nuts in the home sends a clear message to everyone.

By jenchichi on Nov 21, 2012

thanks for the feedback. We have taken all the nuts out but left peanut butter and nutella for my daughter's lunches. We are workign on her getting other sources of protein in her diet so that we can rely less on the peanut butter, but know this will take time to phase out. She gets low blood sugar very easily, as do I, so we both need to incorporate different protein sources into our diets. It is a learning process for us and fo rnow i feel ok about htis as he is not old enough to get inot hte cupborads or try to make his own food. Maybe someday we will have no penaut buter in our home, but for now, I have to try and meet the needs of both children. She is being very compassionate and helpful with this, as much as someone of her age is able to.

By jenteme on Nov 25, 2012

I think, for now, you ought to remove all nuts from your home. Until your 21 month old child is old enough to read on his own and comprehend the severity of the situation, it is easier to remove all nuts and nut products. The same can be said for your older child as well; until she understands that what feeds her can hurt/kill her little brother, it needs to be removed. It does get better--don't despair! My 13yr old daughter has a deadly peanut allergy but my 10yr old son does not. My kids read every single label and my son refuses to eat anything that could hurt his sister, even though he knows he doesn't have to. :-)