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Hello, My name is Shannon, 38 y.o., married to a great hubby. We have 2 wonderful kids, Kim, 8 1/2, and Justin, 5 1/2, (they're at the age where you have to use those halves!) Both of our kids have severe PNA and TNA, they also each have eczema and really bad asthma and allergies. Their asthma is usually triggered by viruses or changes in the weather. My DD has been so sick the last 3 weeks that I am about at my wit's end! I am considering trying a product called "Isotonix OPC-3" to boost both kids' immune systems. Has anyone else tried this product? I am really looking forward to all I can learn from everyone here. I am just paralyzed at times by their PNA and how insensitive/uninformed other parents/teachers/caregivers can be. Thanks so much!


On Apr 18, 2007

Welcome, I recetly joined and found this group to be most beneficial. Hope your situation improves soon.

On Apr 18, 2007

Welcome. There is a wealth of information here and really understanding and compassionate people. As for the asthma did you read any of the articles on the Meditarrian (? sp) diet in regards to asthma? The daughter has MFA but hasn't developed asthma. I am trying to cook more that way in an effort to possible keep her from developing it. I haven't heard of the item you spoke of. My allergist says allergies are an overactive immune system not one that is weak. Is the item you spoke of like a probiotic? I have been tempted to try those, but am too scared until I speak to the allergist about it. Cindy

On Apr 18, 2007

Hi and welcome...

I have a 6 yr old with a PA. he has asthma that is triggered from Oak pollen so we are just approaching his worst times.... He doesn't get sick oftem but when he does it settles in his chest and lasts a while. I have'nt heard much about the product you discribe. I am reluctant to try immune boosting things that the Pediatrician hasn't recommended. So I won't be much help there sorry. but I do agree that there some people out there that are just so clue less... and so in sensitive others needs. I guess it goes along with the whole generation of kids that can't see past there own beliefs and wants and needs. they have a low tolerence for others and others problems... anyway lot of good info here Therese

On Apr 19, 2007

Hi Everyone and thank you so much for your kind welcome! I truly appreciate it! There's so much knowledge I have to learn here! I haven't read about the Med. diet but I will check that out. One of the Isotonix has a probiotic in it (it's in a multivitamin). Our friend, who is a scientist that used to work for the USDA, has 2 daughters that had severe asthma and allergies also. (But no PA). So I was waiting for her research to be sure it was completely safe to give to our kids. A friend of hers has 2 kids with PA and TNA and has been giving them Isotonix since they were babies. Our asthma dr said their is no proof vitamins will help the asthma so my husband and I figure it really can't hurt at this point with all the sickness they have been through, time off school, restrictions from being outside etc.,.

I didn't know that about alleriges being a case of "overactive immunity." Very interesting!

It's just my kids are constantly picking up viruses and taking forever to kick em.

I am really trying to become more proactive at the schools our kids go to as far as educating them, but I still have a ton to learn myself!

Last week I was shopping at a local Meijers and they had a huge box of peanuts in the produce dept.! That really upset me!

Thanks again and I look forward to everything I can glean from all of you!