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Hello to Everyone, Just want to say what a great site this is. I am the mom of a 5 yr. old that is PA. We learned of her allergy on Halloween night when she was 2. She ate just one of those pre packaged round malted crackers with peanut butter. About two hours later she woke up vomitting and was covered with hives from her stomach on up. We called the Doc on call and he said Benydryl and a trip to the hospital.It was our first and happy to say last emergency room visit. All went well. Thank God Prior to this she wasn't interested in trying peanut butter. She didn't eat sandwiches so the usual PB&J was never an option. One time before I did try to give her some of my PB&J sandwich and she started getting a slight rash around her mouth. I wasn't concerned because she was also allergic to dairy .The blotches on her face were the same as when she reacted to dairy. Like a dummy I questioned the bread and never gave peanut butter a thought. She is fine with dairy now. She was tested at 4. Had a big reaction to peanut. We are all set with the Meds and Epi Pen Jr.

Thanks to all for the help and insight that I have already received by reading your posts!

On Feb 4, 2003

Welcome, sorry you had to find this site, but I'm glad you did. (Does that make sense?) Is your daughter in school? How are you managing with that.

------------------ Cynde

On Feb 4, 2003

Welcome Rosie's Mom, glad you found us. My 8 year old daughter is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. She was also allergic to dairy (and eggs) when she was younger. Glad your daughter has been safe the last three years. Mine has too! [img][/img] Miriam

On Feb 5, 2003

Welcome Rosie's Mum,

I'm Geoff, Helen's hubby. Hel has always been allergic to peanuts. We're still ducking and weaving trying to avoid them!

I hope your little girl continues her good run of no problems.

Hear from you soon,


On Feb 5, 2003

Thanks Cynde, Miriam & Geoff for your words of welcome & encouragement. My daughter in in half day kindergarten. I'm managing o.k. but still very nervous. I volunteer for activities that involve food and bring in something safe for my daughter to eat so that she won't feel left out. My being there seems to help put my daughter at ease. The teacher and room mother are very good about keeping my daughter safe. I constantly remind parents about my daughters allergy. I am working on a plan for next year when she will have to eat lunch at school. I feel confident that the school will do all that it can to keep her safe as it is a Catholic school. Thanks to all who contribute to this site. The info found here is priceless.

On Feb 5, 2003

Rosies mom, I hope for your sake and your daughters that you are right about the school. But I would strongly suggest your prepare for the worst while you hope for the best. Catholic school or not, this is a tough issue to deal with. Keep us posted as you work through this

------------------ Cynde

On Feb 6, 2003


This site has a lot of info. And a lot of support.

Love this site synthia