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Have a 2 yr old son who got a rash on his face when touched by PB. No other known allergies for him or his 10 yr old sister. I did eat PB while pregnant and breasfeeding, and he did have PB on occasion with no apparent problems. Subsequent home tests, he got a hive where we had put PB on his skin. Doctor wants us to wait till at least 3 for any testing. Is this because of possible severe reactions? And reading here about the blood tests...any opinions from the experienced? Thank you for any help you can offer. DW

On Mar 15, 2006

I would contact another allergist. Some will test before the age of 3. Until then, I would avoid all peanuts/peanut butter and be sure to read labels! Also read this board. Tons of helpful info!

As for the testing, I'd go with the blood test over the skin prick test. Less traumatic for the little one, and no exposure to the allergen. My son also had PB several times before he started to react.

Best of luck!

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On Mar 15, 2006

that was the only way my son ever reacted to PB. He refused eat it (we waited until he was 2 to give it to him and he would spit it out). He has not had any exposure since being dx, except for the skin test. Did your dr give you an epi pen? If not call and ask for one, actually ask for the two pack, you never know when you might be more than 15 minute from help. Therese

On Mar 15, 2006

I wonder why the ped won't do a RAST blood test that would show if he is allergic and there is no reason to wait to do that. I would follow up and make it clear you want a test done now.

On Mar 16, 2006

Thank you for your responses! I appreciate your time and help.

On Mar 16, 2006

I think that when allergy testing is done prior to 3 years old, the immune system is not mature and results are inaccurrate. my dr wouldn't test my son until 3. if your child snubs PB, i would see that as an indication that he could be allergic as many people have reported not liking something that they are allergic to. KWIM?

On Mar 16, 2006

Can I just add that it isn't very safe to do any "home testing" with peanut butter on your son. If he is in fact allergic, any exposure to peanuts can be serious. It's not something you want to test out on your own.

As for getting him tested, there is no reason at all an allergist would want to test him if you think he's had a clinical response. Most allergists will wait till a child is 3-4 to test if there is a family history etc.. However, if your child has had a reaction or you think he has, there isn't any reason not to test him. My DD was skin tested at the age of 2 for peanuts after a reaction. My youngest son was blood tested at the age of 1 for shrimp because I thought he had a reaction.