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My name is Jennifer, I am 26, and I have lived with my peanut allergy for nearly 22 years, at least that was when I was diagnosed. I have had only 4 major reactions so far but they got worse each time. When I was married my ex husband did not understand the allergy fully and did not really respect it enough to stop eating peanuts/peanut butter/things that may contain peanuts... So that's me. I'm really looking forward to gaining more knowledge from this site on my allergy and I am facinated with the prospects of out growing it. ~Jennifer

On Nov 10, 2005

Welcome! I'm relatively new myself but have learned so much already. And it's so nice to have the support. My partner and I have been together for about 6 years and when she first said she wasn't going to eat any peanuts or nutty products around me, I told her she was being silly. I guess I didn't want to impose my restrictions on someone else. But she insisted and over the years I have come to appreciate this SO MUCH. I am reminded of it whenever I visit my siblings' homes or a friends' house (esp. with small children) and there just seems to be peanut butter everywhere. How nice not to have to worry about that at home! Anyway...I hope your current friends and any romantic partner you may have are more respectful of your allergy and give you the care and support you deserve!