New with a 15 Month old


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On Jan 6, 2005

Hi Alicia and welcome!

I am new to this site also. I've been TNA for 15 years, but PA since October.

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm glad the holiday's are over! I had my family here for Thanksgiving and Christmas. No matter how much I talked to everyone about my allergies, my aunt still brought a dish with pecans, and mother brought Reese's peanut butter cups for the kids. I kept the dish with pecans away from everything else and thoroughly cleaned after, but now I wish I would have refused it in the house. You can never be too careful. We are the ones dealing with this, and everyone should respect our wishes. It's too dangerous to take chances.

Just keep educating everyone around you. My husband still doesn't get it, and I still just keep trying to educate him. This site has been a lot of help.

I don't know anyone here with any allergies. I have learned from people that they don't really understand what can happen. A lot of people don't realize someone could actually die. I've had to actually explain to a lot of people what can actually happen, b/c they think that I may just get a few bumps or an upset stomach and that's it.

Good luck with evrything!

On Jan 29, 2005

Welcome to the boards!!! just if your intrested- ive got a nut allergy site too!! [url=""][/url]

and also its forum