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New Website Has Animated Book

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Wanted to let everyone know that "No Nuts For Me" has been animated and can be found at (edited by the office; old url removed as that web site address is no longer used or owned by the book company that published the no nuts for me book. The book company's web site on 01/08/2007 [url=""][/url] ) We have just launched this new site designed to help young children cope with and understand nut allergies. Would welcome comments and suggestions.

Ron Zevy Tumbleweed Press

On May 31, 2000

Ron, I just checked out your "No Nuts for Me" animated book on the website, with my 4 year old who has the allergy and my 2 year old (who we're not sure of yet). He was really pleased - especially because he saw Noah wearing a MedicAlert bracelet and carrying an epipen like him. It's a marvelous book, Ron. Thank-you. Cindy Spowart Cook e-mail at [email][/email]

On Jun 1, 2000

Wow! What a great web site! Now the question is: when is the video coming out? I would buy it in a second!

On Jun 1, 2000

Thanks Lisa!

While we aren't planning a video, you'll soon be able to download the animated story onto your hard drive. Stay tuned.


On Jun 1, 2000

Really tried to run this at home, but AOL not cooperative. Is there a home page on the NoNutsForMe site or email address for questions. Thx.

On Jun 1, 2000

Hi CVB: (edited by the office; old url removed as that web site address is no longer used or owned by the book company that published the no nuts for me book. The book company's web site on 01/08/2007 [url=""][/url] ) requires a Flash 4 plug-in for viewing. It's free and can be downloaded by following the instructions as you enter the site or by going to [url=""][/url] Aside from this web site, you'll be able to enjoy great games and animations throughout the web. It doesn't take long and I think you'll find it's worth it. If you have any questions,you can e-mail us directly at [email][/email]

On Jun 2, 2000

My daughter loved the story and the puzzle. We read the book to her classmates a few months ago and they really liked it. I was thinking of referring them to the site so they can "see" the book again.

On Jun 16, 2000

We did get this to work. You cannot use the AOL default browser as they don't allow plug ins as a "security" feature, so must log on to AOL then start another browser. I'm probably the only person on the planet not to know this, but I pass this along just in case I am not. We have only been accessing from home for about a month, though both my husband and I have been using it at work for years. Anyway, my son got this as his bedtime story last night and was fascinated by the bracelet and the pen and did want to watch it several times. He was a little confused he could not make it do anything (like a computer game!). I told him it was like a VCR, but just on the computer. This is well worth a look with your child, he was very excited there was a "video" of someone who was like him! He doesn't know any peanut allergic kids, so he thinks he's the only one in the world.

On Jun 16, 2000


thanks...keep checking will soon be a little more interactive


On Jun 25, 2000

My 4 yr old son was just diagnose as PA. We just found your website and think it is great. He watched the book about 4 times in a row. Can't wait until we can download it. Thanks for the support.

On Jun 30, 2000

My 5 year old son LOVES this website and has viewed the cartoon over and over. He was so excited to see that Noah also wears the bracelet, etc. We are so grateful this link was provided! THANK YOU!!!!! [img][/img]

On Jul 6, 2000

This is a great web site! My 2 1/2 year old daughter and I have watched Noah and his day at school several times with great interest. She has the story memorized (and so do I).

Thanks to the producer for making the nonutsforme video.

On Sep 24, 2000

Dear Tumbleweed Press,

Our 2 1/2 year old son has peanut allergy and your "No Nuts for Me" book is read daily. The site is excellent as well. Thank you.

Curious when we saw Skippy Peanut Butter as a sponsor, can you please explain.

Can we expect a video in the future?

Sincerely, SF


On Sep 24, 2000

SF - I am not from Tumbleweed Press, but I think I know why they have Skippy PB as a sponser on their site. The major PB manufacturers are trying to raise awareness about peanut allery, which I think is wonderful. Kraft recently put out a cookbook "What's Cooking", that included several PB recipes. Also included was an entire page devoted to explaining what PA is and how serious reactions are. I think it's a very positive step forward for PA sufferers that Kraft and Skippy have taken steps to reach non-PA people. This is my take on the Skippy sponsorship - if I have it wrong, I'm sure Tumbleweed Press will post the correct answer! Take care.

On Sep 24, 2000

My son's school ordered the book in especially because of Jesse this year. Then, his teacher showed the Alexander the Elephant video and read the NoNutsforMe book. When she was reading the book, she asked Jesse to come up and show the other kids in his class his MedicAlert bracelet and Epi-pen. I'm not clear that he would have liked the attention drawn to him, but when he told me that she had down this I said "Wow, you were just like Noah!" I was really pleased that his teacher put so much effort into dealing with the PA issue this year (actually she did last year too, but not specifically talking to the class about food allergies). And, NoNutsforMe continues to be the best book I've seen for young kids and the website my son will actually ask to go to whereas he wouldn't even watch the Alexander video at home. Best wishes!


On Sep 28, 2000

Hello again SF - I just read on a website devoted to PB lovers (!) that the U.S. peanut industry has funded a lot of the university research which discovered how to target the protein in peanuts that cause the allergy. This research is aimed at making the protein harmless or creating a vaccine for PA sufferers. Take care.

On Sep 28, 2000

No video but you'll soon be able to download your own free copy of No Nuts For Me at [url=""][/url]


On Nov 24, 2000

I dowmloaded the reader and "No Nuts for Me". It works! So nice to have stand alone on the PC. Thank You.

On Dec 2, 2000

My son and I watched the animated video on Noah at (edited by the office; old url removed as that web site address is no longer used or owned by the book company that published the no nuts for me book. The book company's web site on 01/08/2007 [url=""][/url] ) and it was wonderful!

It is about a little boy named Noah who is peanut allergic. He discusses his medic alert bracelet, how his mom and dad packs his lunch, the kids at school and how they handle his allergy, shows his epi pen and shows him and his mom at the grocery store reading ingredients.

Excellent website and if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. I have it bookmarked so my son, at any time, can watch it.

Good Job!! [img][/img]

------------------ Stay Safe.

On Aug 10, 2002

What happened to the "No Nuts For Me" website????

On Aug 10, 2002

I cannot find it! i would love to see it! S

anyone know?

On Aug 10, 2002

I did a search on TumbleWeed Press and came up with It looks like you can pay for a download ($4.99) or get a cd-rom from Amazon at $7.99. I think the free download might be over with...

On Aug 21, 2002

I was really sad to see that the website is gone. I had it bookmarked, because my son really liked watching it now and then.

Oh well, at least we still have the book!