New Warning Label on Nestle Semi-Sweet Chips!


I just purchased a 72 oz. bag of Nestle Chocolate Chip Semi Sweet Morsels from Costco and noticed the new verbiage after the ingredients:" MADE IN A FACILITY THAT ALSO PROCESSES PEANUTS." This is new as I compared it to my other bag and it did not have this disclaimer. I called Nestle and they're researching it further, but also said their safety procedures have not changed. My son has eaten these chips for 2 years and has never had a problem. I would hate to not be able to bake these particular cookies for him anymore. I noticed in Safeway today they still had some packages that didn't have the new disclaimer. I am under the assumption that "may contain" or "processed on shared equipment" is far worse of a possible contaminent than "made in a facility". I would appreciate all comments, etc. Thanks!

On Aug 12, 2006

I had the same problem two weeks ago at Sams Club. I came home and called and was given the run around. I have used these forever and am fankly ticked! This is the fourth product this year that I have had to quit using. It is just irritating.

On Aug 12, 2006

For some reason, I had stopped using these and switched to Hershey when dd was diagnosed. I had just started back to them after looking and looking at lables on them all the time, and decided to go back to them. I like them so much better than the Hershey's in cookies.

This is disappointing. becca

On Aug 12, 2006

This is VERY disappointing...

I'm curious if this is ONLY for the larger size bags? Maybe made in a separate facility as the traditional sized ones? (forgot the ounces on the smaller package). Here's to hoping it is. I've never seen a warning on the smaller bags. I've used them over and over again, never a problem.

I will definitely check next time I am out shopping!

On Aug 12, 2006

To get around this issue, I use vermont nut-free. It is a bit more expensive and not so convenient since it has to be shipped to me, but I find it far less taxing than reading labels that change without warning, or keeping track of what size bag or what distribution plant the product came out of!!

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On Aug 12, 2006

It could just be the larger bag. I noticed that one of the bagged Tyson chicken items at Sam's had dairy in it, but the smaller size bags in grocery stores don't. Not just the warning about dairy, but actually in the ingredients. I don't know why the difference. Different plant, different recipe?

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On Aug 12, 2006

I called Nestle a few months ago (doing my usual check) and I was told that if it didn't have a warning they were fine but, she also said to check as they were made in different plants and that if there was any chance of contamination they would use a warning label. I still use them but, read every bag. If I could find the Hershey chips more readily I would probably use them.

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On Aug 12, 2006


Originally posted by becca: [b]For some reason, I had stopped using these and switched to Hershey when dd was diagnosed. [/b]

I stopped using them too - even though the labeling was OK, the fact that almost all of their other chips were "made in a facililty", and that they make pb chips, made me not trust them. I use Hershey's chocolate chips.

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On Aug 14, 2006

I stopped using them too b/c of being in a facility with pn butter chips as well. I'm also really cautious of ALL chocolate products. We use Enjoy Life chips--totally peanut free. You can get them at Whole Foods, but our regular grocery store just started carrying them too. I'll look into Hershey chips---good tip! Thanks!

On Sep 7, 2006

I emailed Nestle regarding these chips. They were such a good deal at my Costco, I was disappointed (but glad, too) that they now have a warning and I will no longer use them. Here is their response:

[i]Thank you for contacting us. We welcome questions and comments from our consumers and are pleased to provide the following information.

Some Nestl

On Sep 8, 2006

So am I understanding right that ALL the chips are made in a facility that process' peanuts?! If there is no warning on the label are they safe?! This is going to be really upsetting. MANY times we go somewhere this is my staple to bring for all the kids (that way I know my son is getting something safe for desert). I really hope these bags are safe....he has eaten them for two years and been fine but now chancing it if I think there is a chance our "luck" will run out! Thanks for this great info.!

On Sep 8, 2006

There are brands other than Nestle that are safe.....


On Sep 9, 2006

The only other brand I have found safe is Hersheys. But economically, the Nestle big bag was a better deal. I would still trust Nestle. Based on the letter, if they came in contact with an allergen, they would label accordingly.

I was at my regular supermarket the other day and noticed that the little bags of chips had a warning label on it as well. I'm wondering if Nestle is a CYA warning due to the new food labeling laws.