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I am new to your website and finding all of the postings very helpful. My DS is 10 years old and has allergies to peanuts and tree nuts as well. He has carried an adult Epipen double pack since the age of 10. With the help of the school nurse, staff and teachers he was abled to survive the stress of the school cafeteria.

This is a nice place to release some of the stress families deal with when children have allergies. The restaurant information is extremely helpful because we get tired of searching everywhere for the next safe place to eat.

On Aug 1, 2008

WELCOME!!! Sounds like you have experience with allergies. What age was your DS when he was diagnosed? I look forward to hearing about your experiences and knowledge. Welcome to the board!

On Aug 1, 2008

Welcome to the board. My dd is also ten and has been diagnosed pa since one year but in retrospect I believe she had it way before then. Look forward to your input.

On Aug 2, 2008

HI Dorry85! Welcome. My son is 7. He is not old enough to carry his epi -pen. I am actually not sure in my state how old you have to be. But enven if they said it was ok at 7 he is not mature enough to take on the responsibility yet.

looking forward to hearing your stories about you have managed different situations.