New to this world!!


Hello everyone! I am new to the website and am pretty new to the peanut allergy world and need some advice!

I am a stepmom of a vivacious and loveable 8 year old who was diagnosed with a peanut allergy about 6 years ago. We carry the Epi-Pen shots with us, I have learned to check labels religiously and am learning more every day.

If anyone can send any advice or helpful hints please feel free to do so. My stepson's mom is of no help to us, and pretty much makes our life one crisis after another. I have asked for help and get doors slammed in my face and phones hung up on so I am hoping to find out more here.

I would also like to find out if anyone suggests getting re-tested for peanut allgergies as you mature. He was diagnosed with this when he was very young and we are wondering if we should have him periodically re-tested to see if the severity is still there. I know he will never totally outgrow the allergy, but is there any suggestions out there whether it's worth the effort to re-test occasionally, especially in a growing child. We are especially concerned now that we see how mom has made almost all health concerns in both of my stepkids alot worse than it really is (our other stepchild we had to have retested to take off of Ritalin as she was doubling his doses). So you can see why we are concerned.

Sorry for the rambling, but if anyone can help, please feel free to post!


On Nov 10, 2001

Welcome! I commend you for looking for answers for these step children of yours. It appears that they are very lucky boys to have you in their lives.

There are several posts here about having children re-tested. Try running a search under living with PA, maybe you'll find it there. Basically, I thnk you'll find that it IS possible to outgrow this allergy if the diagnosis came early (before age 4 or so) and if there has not been another exposure/reaction.

One book you might want to consider is "The Parent's Guide to Food Allergies." It covers testing, information about reactions, dietary considerations, etc. It is written in an easy to understand, easy to read manner.

Keep reading the posts on this board. You will probably find many of the answers you seek right here. Good Luck, and please keep asking questions. Kristi

On Nov 11, 2001

Hi Stepmom. You have come to the right place. My best advice is to spend lots of time reading as many posts as you can. Education is power in dealing with this. It is hard at first, but over time this will all become second nature to you. You already have an epi pen and that is very good news. Andy