New to this site and lovin\' it!!


Hi! My son was diagnosed with PA in Feb. 2006. We hoped he would outgrow and blood work showed he did earlier in the year. But the oral challenge at the allergist's office prompted a 911 call two week ago.

I decided it was about time I joined this site since it is now deemed lifelong. I started a new blog at [url=""][/url] to help parents like me cope with this scary allergy. Somehow it helps to share with others and feel like our family is not alone in this "peanut free" fight.

On Jul 15, 2008

Hi welcome,

My son is 6 now and PNA TNA.

How scary that must have been for you!

On Jul 15, 2008

Hi There

My son is 7 and I too gave up hoping that it would " go away". Glad your here. that must have been scary.

On Jul 16, 2008

Welcome! My ds was diagnosed at 4 months then we had a repeat spt done in may and his wheal was even bigger. His RAST numbers though are just above the positive mark so I'm holding out a wee bit of hope. That must have been so scary to have that all happen at the oral challenge! This is a great site! Welcome aboard!