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Hi Everyone. How can I tell the parents in the classrooms who do not care, and send in peanut products anyway. It is so tiring and emotionally upsetting to know that most people who do not have an allergic child can care less. No matter how many times they are told it is still coming in.

On Sep 23, 2006

Hello, welcome to the site. I live in Fort PLain NY. My 2 yo is PA.

My advice on classroom parents is- its the teacher and schools responsibilty, not yours [img][/img] You shouldn't have to be stressed sbout this, the school should be enforcing the rules. Do you have a 504?

On Sep 23, 2006

What is a 504?

On Sep 23, 2006


Originally posted by MICHAEL'S MOM: [b]What is a 504?[/b]

Welcome. The following link will give you more info about 504s...