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Hi, we just found out that our Matthew was pa in May and this site is great. It is reasurring to see this type of support group I've been feeling overwelmed at times mostly explaining to family about the allergy because Matthew is the first in both of our families. I also saw somebody else in Ottawa I'm in Ottawa also

On Feb 12, 2003

[img][/img]Welcome! There are plenty of newbie parents to PA here, just like you. We've known about my son's allergy for 5 years now, (he's 7.) It has gotten a lot easier for us, as I'm sure it will for you.

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On Feb 12, 2003

Welcome, sorry you needed to find us, but glad you did. There is lots of great info and awesome support here.

------------------ Cynde

On Feb 12, 2003

Welcome, mattchrismom!! We are here for you! This site and everyone involved have been my source of inspiration, the shoulder I've needed to cry on, and the absolute greatest resource on peanut allergy in the world. My daughter is 8 yrs. old & peanut allergic. With knowledge and education you will learn how to deal w/ food allergies. Read the boards, check out the search engine for topics and be sure to post. Mostly remember that you are your child's best advocate and it isn't always going to be easy to educate others about this issue, but never give up! BTW, be sure to check out the info on vaccine/cures (IgE Trials) for peanut allergy that are underway (Research board here). There is hope! "Until there is a cure, education is the key". Also, be sure to join FAAN (the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network) and support PeanutAllergy.Com if you haven't done so already by becoming a member. Together we are strong and being heard. Also, look into 504 Plans by searching the School boards here (wasn't sure how old Matthew was??).

------------------ Stay Safe, Fran

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On Feb 12, 2003

Hello mattchrismom and welcome

I am in Ottawa as well, and so is katiee. There is a lot of information on this site which should help you.

I don't know which school board you will be dealing with for 4 year old kindergarden next year, but if you are going to be in the separate system I have some experience there. The policies for the public school board are available on their web site.

take care


On Feb 13, 2003

thank you everyone. Matthew will be going to the separate school board also I know that they have some good policies but I really haven't looked yet. A little of topic but my sister in law has a list of snacks to bring to school for a valentine party and Hershey's kisses are on the list (I stay away from Hershey's chocolates) but aren't they made in Smith Falls ontario? They had no warning on the package what do you think.

On Feb 13, 2003


The Smiths Falls factory is not peanut safe - they make Reese's peanut butter cups and Cherry Blossoms there!

However, erik is our Canadian candy guru and has looked into kisses and has said they are safe. Hershey labelling in Canada is pretty good.

Personally I bought the Valentine smarties, which are made in Nestle's factory in Toronto and this factory is completely peanut free.

As an aside, the policies for the Ottawa Separate School Board are difficult to find and they do not generally distribute them. I do have a copy of their food allergy policy, however, if you need one.


On Feb 13, 2003

BONUS!! this is great news more chocolate, I love chocolate and so does Matthew however I am getting a bit bored of smarties, aero and kitkat, I long for the days of my Lindor chocolate truffeles but I only get them very rarely now I'm to nervous I'm not sure how allergic Matthew is but I think his first reaction was pretty severe.