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Hello, I'm new to this forum and I'm not familiar with peanut allergies at all. I'm disappointed that our local book store and library have no books on peanut allergies. I'll be ordering books online. I have so many questions but don't know where to start!

My son Liam is 23 months old (he turns 2 tomorrow) and has a peanut allergy. We discovered this while on vacation. He touched and maybe ate a little bit of peanut butter - he then was covered in a rash and his face swelled up closing both of his eyes. We were able to get to a hospital right away and they were able to treat him. We stayed in the hospital overnight for monitoring but he was fine.

I received a list of foods to avoid from the allergist and we have 4 epi pens but after reading some of this website I'm feeling even more lost. Are we suppose to avoid food that maybe processed in a plant that processes peanuts? What is the issue with flour? I'm planning on making him chocolate cupcakes for his birthday but now I'm afraid. I also bought him a small chocolate bunny for Easter but I don't dare give it to him now! I read the label. Help me!

I would love any advice you can give this scared newbie!

By cmvervais on Apr 3, 2010

My daughter has only been diagnosed for a few weeks now, but I've already learned so much. It is overwhelming and scary, but once you learn what they can and cannot eat, it gets easier.

Talk to your allergist regarding specifics for your child. My allergist advised my daughter to not eat anything that contains nuts, or anything that "may be processed on shared equipment" with nuts. She said that if it is processed in the same facility as nut products it is up to me to decide.

The big No-No's tend to be baked goods, and lots of processed foods. I wouldn't give him the chocolate Easter bunny. There are companies that sell peanut-free chocolate online, which I know is too late for tomorrow! :(

Not sure what you are referring to about flour, other than some manufacturers also make nut flours, so you should find a manufacturer that you trust and that doesn't use the same equipment. I use Gold Medal. They are owned by General Mills, and GM is pretty good about labeling.

One other thing about labeling, they are required to tell you if it contains nuts, but not legally bound to label for shared equipment. So you should call the manufacturers directly to find out if they share equipment with nut products. This forum is also great in terms of finding out which brands people use and trust.

Good luck, and hang in there!

By BestAllergySites on Apr 5, 2010

CMvervais gave you all the info you needed to get started. (You've learned a lot in a few short weeks!) :)

I did want to say welcome to the forums! It does and will get easier in time.

We also avoid foods made in shared facilities or listed as may contains.

A study showed that up to 7% or more of items tested with warning labels contained detectable amounts of peanut protein even though peanut was not a listed ingredient.

Regarding flour--we've never really had an issue. We use King Arthur. CM is right--some companies make peanut flour. You'll have to call the manufacturer of your flour and find out if they do.

The biggest issue for us is processed foods--so we tend to make a lot of things from scratch.

Keep reading and asking questions and you'll be a pro in no time!