New to this board...An introduction.



I just found this site today. I am a 28 year old mom to two kids. I have a 5 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. My son is allergic to peanuts and we think has just outgrown his egg allergy (he has no noticeable symptoms). We were lucky and found out he was allergic to peanuts early (he was a year old).

He had one bad reaction to peanuts when he was 2 1/2. My dad forgot he was allergic (he just had a stroke a few months prior) and had gave him a few. My mom and I had hid the peanuts in the house so I'm not really sure where they came from. My dad couldn't tell us what he gave him because of the stroke but showed me one he had left. My sons lip swelled up pretty big and he had some streaking on his neck. I gave him his Epi pen and took him to the ER because I was a nervous wreck. They kept him for a few hours to observe him and gave him steroids and then released him.

At this point with my son I feel that he may possibly be outgrowing the allergy. He accidentally ate a bite of a PBJ sandwich about 4 months ago and had no noticeable problems. But I am not sure if he actually ingested any (he spit most of it out).

We are going back to the Allergist on Monday and he will have some more testing to see how he is doing.

Just wanted to give a brief introduction and now I'm off to read some more. I just wish I would have found this place sooner!

On Mar 19, 2001


you will find there is plenty of reading to keep you busy when you are new to this site! I remember feeling like I had struck gold when I started reading all these posts.

How did the allergist appointment go? I hope well.


On Mar 20, 2001

Thanks for your response. My sons appointment yesterday went very well. I thought they were going to test him again for the eggs and peanuts but didn't. They tested for more outdoor allergies and also dogs and cats and some others. He didn't react to any although the dr. did say he showed slightly more red from the grasses so he may develop those at some time (my husband has pretty bad seasonal allergies so it wouldn't surprise me!). We didn't get to speak with the dr. very much but will go back in April to check back.

Thanks for the welcome!