New to this arena - need some help!

Posted on: Wed, 06/02/1999 - 12:42pm
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Hi all! I'm new to this arena. Looking for some information from those on the "front line", so to speak. Noticed some unusual "bumps" on my nearly 2 y.o. daughter's head this evening. Checked with my child care provider- no falls or other notable actions today. Same message from her father. She has been out of sorts lately, ran a low grade temp 2 days ago and seems to have a bit of a cough. An ecxema patch the size of a nickel has been on her inside forearm for a couple of months now. She was eating peanuts with dad this afternoon (unknown to all until she was found storing them like a chipmunk!) ANy connections??? I'm planning a call to the doc in the morning - trying not to go straight to "panic mode" right now. My child care provider mentioned a connection between hives, ecxema and peanut butter. What do you think? Appreciate any feedback.


Posted on: Thu, 06/03/1999 - 3:33am
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Can you describe these "bumps" a bit better? Most often, the reaction will be a form of hives on the face or body, maybe some eye swelling. This is a "typical" first reaction but is not the only type of reaction. My son reacted within 15 minutes of eating peanuts and the reaction was totally gone within an hour. Can you describe the reaction in more detail.

Posted on: Thu, 06/03/1999 - 2:12pm
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HI Christine,
I noticed two, almost symetrical bumps, about a 1/2 finger's length directly above the tips of her ears and 2-3 small, pea size (or smaller) bumps behind each of the ears. THere is no discoloration or temperature change noted. I know that heat can be associated with hives. SHe doesn't seem to be bothered by them. More annoyed by my poking around! Typical 2 yr old - eh?
I have noticed no change in them. I wasn't around during the peanut eating episode. Sounds like it wasn't too big a deal. And there was no immediate reaction to eating them. I may just be putting too many factors together that aren't necessarily related.
Doc didn't seem overly concerned - unfortunately schedule conflicts don't permit me to get her in to see him until Friday. Thus far, she's had an uneventful day and is sleeping without a care!
Thanks for the input. Any suggestions are welcomed!

Posted on: Thu, 06/03/1999 - 9:58pm
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Could these bumps around the ears be swollen glands?

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