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I am new to the site and to peanut allergies and allergies in general.

My 18 month old had his first taste of peanut butter almost two weeks ago. 45 minutes later he broke out in a rash that looked like he was attacked by mosquitoes all over his face. I took him into the ER where they gave him meds. and watched him for several hour. We now read labels and carry an epipen at all times.

Then 5 days later we found ourselves in the ER again but this time he was having a reaction to the environment we were in. We were visiting my brother-in-laws house. They live on a farm and have several cats going in and out of the house. It is also not a very clean place. At the ER he was put on oxygen and meds. and after several hours of being watched we were sent home with two puffers and some liquid meds. to help his breathing. We have yet to figure out what made him so sick but we are hoping our Dr. might be able to give us some answers soon.

Needless to say we have lots of work ahead of us to figure out how to keep our little man safe. Any tips or advice I can get here will be great!

By cmvervais on Apr 7, 2010

It is overwhelming and scary at first, but with time, and a lot of education it gets easier. My 2.5 year old had a similar reaction to a pretzel with peanut butter filling that she licked a few weeks ago. We got the epipens and confirmation that she is severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.

My biggest advice would be to contact manufacturers directly to find out their process. In the US, they are not required to label if products are made on the same equipment as nuts, only if it contains. Fortunately, there are nut-free brands and lots of major brands that are fairly trustworthy. The hardest thing to find are baked goods, so I'm making a lot of those things from scratch now.

Good luck! This forum has helped me do a lot of research, hope it helps you as well!