New to the group and New to PA...


Hi, I'm new to all of this allergy stuff and it's a bit overwhelming. My nearly two year old son has just been diagnosed with a peanut allergy... and also a milk allergy (though we are going to do a food challenge on that one). It all started the weekend before Christmas. My son woke up from and afternoon nap very red faced. I thought maybe it was just hot in his room... so I went to give him dinner and he wouldn't eat. My MIL was there for a visit and mentioned that he was scratching his eyes a lot. I looked at him further and noticed he had hives... I called my husband who was at work and told him to bring some Benadryl home. I knew my son had sensitive skin and I thought maybe he was reacting to my MIL's perfume. I gave him a bath and brought him back down stairs and she gave him a bottle while I gave my other son a bath (they are twins). By the time I was done with my other son's bath I came downstairs and Dillon looked like he had been in a street fight... his eyes were almost swollen shut and he was looking ill. I called my husband and we decided that he would meet me at the emergency room. After a long night in the emergency room with epi shots, Benadryl, and a steroid given.. he was still a mess so we were transferred to the local children's hospital. He got better overnight thank goodness.. but it was still a mystery as to the trigger. It wasn't until the next day talking to my MIL when she told me that she had given each of the boys half a cookie before nap time. Come to find out that it was a chocolate chip cookie that was given by a friend at work that was packaged with a peanut butter cookie. I began to worry immediately about a peanut allergy. The next week we got him tested at the allergist. They tested for everything but peanuts.. they wanted to do a food challenge for that. So we discovered he was allergic to milk.. which was a huge surprise because he's had milk since a year old. Anyway, after a month of soy only and not introducing a single new food, we went for the food challenge. Well, they did the skin prick pre-test before he was to eat anything. He failed it... his skin welted up so bad that the allergist said he had a grade 4 allergy to peanuts and to remove any peanut butter, and nut product from my home. I have done so, but am still overwhelmed. I am armed with two epi pens and three different antihistamines and still worry. It's all very fresh and I know I'll get used to the new way of life.. but I can't help but wonder what's in store for my little guy. And as for his twin brother.... though he has never shown any allergic reactions, we are getting him tested anyway just to be safe. Gotta love it.