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Hi everyone!

I'm a mom to a lovely 20 month old boy named Ben. We live in the greater Toronto area.

Ben is allergic to peanuts. We only found out when our allergist administered SPTs for the gamut of food allergens when we suspected an egg white allergy based on a hive rxn on consumption at ~12 months (which was confirmed by the SPT), but peanut was a surprise.

We're equipped with an epipen which, fortunately, we haven't had to use and hope to never have to use, but it's a comfort to know it's there.

Living peanut-free hasn't posed too much of a challenge so far. I do worry about Ben's exposure as he gets older and I have less control over what he consumes. Hopefully by then he'll understand that peanuts can "make him sick" and will avoid them. I've been reassured by some moms of older children that they do understand and abide by the no peanut rule as they age.

Anyway, just looking to keep on top of information, get ideas as new challenges present themselves, and commiserate with others.

Thanks and looking forward to getting to know you guys better. [img][/img]


On Aug 30, 2007

Hi and welcome,

My son is 5 and he is very good at watching out for himself even at times when he shouldn't have to. For us it was easiest for him to only eat food we have sent for him or tell him that it is ok. He was diag at 3 and has been a trooper ever since some times he will become a little sad over things he used to be able to eat like plain M&Ms but I try to compensate. I found skippers from VNF and he likes those. Anyway welcome.


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On Aug 30, 2007


There are lots of us here from the GTA. Hope you find the boards helpful.

On Aug 31, 2007

Thanks ladies! [img][/img]

Glad to know there are other GTAers around. That'll definitely help will more local matters, like restaurants, etc.

On Aug 31, 2007

My 1year old son was also recently diagnosed with a peanut allergy. In addition, he is allergic to wheat, milk, and egg whites. This information is overwhelming to me as it really limits his diet. I will meet with an allergist in a few days. Any advice as to what this child can eat. I feel like he is living on rice