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Posted on: Thu, 11/30/2006 - 4:16am
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welcome to the boards!
There's a large handful of us adult PAs on this board who actively post.
Like you, I've had the allergy my whole life - I'm now 32. My last ingestion reaction was 16 years old, but I do have minor contact and inhalation reactions.
Many of the parents find it helpful for us adult PAs to post our experiences growing up when we can relate to the topic on hand. In addition, your own perspectives on your allergy may change as well. For myself, I've always had a strict comfort zone (no may contains, no items I didn't bake myself, no shared equipement labels, etc), but it got much more strict once I came on here. For me, it's been a good thing.
Anyhoot - I'd suggest going through the Adults Living with PA board. Even though you may dig back a few months or even a year into posts...there's so much information! Every now and then we revisit or 'reraise' topics. If you have questions along the way as you read...please do post [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] Of interest, are usually the social aspects of PA (eating out, drinking, relations with those who have eaten peanuts, etc.)
see you on the boards!
Adrienne [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

Posted on: Thu, 11/30/2006 - 4:40am
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Hi there, and welcome!
I'm 'adult-onset'. I'm 57 and was diagnosed a few years ago....though I probably had peanut allergy for much longer before it was diagnosed. It just took this dense brain some time to put two-and-two together.
PA.com has been a lifesaver for many of us. MANUFACTURERS (food) Safe & Unsafe, and the RESTAURANT forum have really helped me. In fact, if you know of safe restaurants in your area, it helps other members if you post the information there.
Most of the adults with PA that are active on the boards post on many of the forums, unless it pertains specifically to adults....then we post on ADULTS LIVING WITH PA.
We appreciate having another adult's experience and advice. Welcome!

Posted on: Thu, 11/30/2006 - 3:47pm
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hi again Carla,
There is a new thread over in ADULTS LIVING WITH PA where we are all introducing ourselves --- we haven't had a roll call in a way long time. Wanna join in and introduce yourself in that thread? (ROLL CALL)
Adrienne [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

Posted on: Sun, 12/03/2006 - 2:51am
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Thanks so much everyone...I will definately take a look at the Adults section and I am looking forward to getting to know you all better as well as finding helpful information and sharing some of my own personal experiences.

Posted on: Wed, 02/22/2006 - 4:27am
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Welcome, Daisy! I can't tell you how helpful it is to us parents to have adults w/PA on these boards. You all really help me keep my perspective. I'm sorry for the cause, but I'm glad you found us. As you have already seen, this is a very helpful place - feel free to jump in anywhere.

Posted on: Thu, 01/12/2006 - 7:52am
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I am also new to this site- but have been a long time lurker. I am also a Canuck, but live in the US now. We were at WDW in Dec and stayed on site (Port Orleans). The restaurants at the resort were allergy aware when I mentioned a peanut/nut allergy. At the theme parks we did not have a problem. DD stuck to the usual kid friendly choices. You can search this site for products US people find safe. Brand names are a safe bet. ALWAYS READ LABELS! Good luck planning and have fun in WDW!

Posted on: Thu, 01/12/2006 - 11:40pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

If you do a search of the Travel forum, for Walt Disney, you get about 8 posts to check. There might be some on other forums as well, but I just checked travel.
I was going to put a link directly here but since there ar so many I thought it best if you look at as many as you want.
Have a great trip. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Fri, 01/13/2006 - 11:12am
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We took a family trip to California last year with our PA son. It was also our first time travelling with our son to the US. I asked some questions here and found out that labelling is not as safe in the US. I did get a list from a poster (in the Travel section) about trusted brand names in the US. It helped us as we took it with us to the grocery store when we arrived. We made our lunches and had no problems eating out. The employees we spoke to seemed well informed about the safety of what our son was ordering and we had a wonderful, safe trip. We did take our own food on the airplane and made sure we had safe snacks (from Canada) with us for our first few hours there. Sorry, I'm not sure how to link you to the list but if you check my previous posts or check under travel to California you will find it.

Posted on: Wed, 11/07/2007 - 11:02am
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I just registered myself after learning i may have an allergy to peanuts. I have had a 5 year problem and after getting a CT Scan to r/o gallbladder, liver, pancreatic problems (cancer) it is nice to know I may have a pn allergy.
John D.

Posted on: Thu, 11/08/2007 - 7:47pm
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Hello and welcome to both of you,
This site is full of good advice and help from others. My children both have peanut allergy and many other allergies as well.


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