New to site, new to the allergy world


Hello there, I am a new mom to the forum, we just found out our 21 month old son (Adair) has a peanut allergy, the Dr also warned us to stay away from tree nuts also. So we are new to the peanut world and learning all the do and don't. Any pointers would be great!

By doofusclo on Apr 29, 2009

Welcome and sorry you have a child with food allergies. Have you found a good allergist and do you have epi pen jrs? Always carry those epis with you and consider putting together a pack for him. We always have safe snacks, wipes, epis, and Benedryl and a cell phone with my daughter. There are good books to give you information. You can find the ones people like in other posts. Read up on cross contamination and other potential problems with food that say they don't have peanuts in them. Consider getting your child a medic alert tag to speak for him if you cannot. Look at the FAAN website. You can get information on food recalls through them. Plus they have lots of good information. Read up on the posts about unexpected sources of peanut allergens. Get ready to be an advocate for your child. There are many good people here ready to help you. Cindy

By riverwrites on May 6, 2009

I'm also new to this site and new to peanut allergies. I'm almost 50 years old and have never been allergic to anything my whole life. Then about 6 weeks ago I had an allergic reaction to boiled peanuts. My niece was with me and fortunately she is a doctor. She got me some prednizone and an epi pen for the future. Meanwhile, I am finding that I keep having a reaction to things that I wouldn't expect to have anything to do with peanuts at all. I need to learn about cross contamination. The most recent outbreak was from bread that had nothing listed in the ingredients related to peanuts. I am guessing however, that is was cross contamination from the sunflower seeds in the bread.

By doofusclo on May 7, 2009

Welcome riverwrites. It must be hard to suddenly have allergies as an adult. Thank God you had someone there who knew what to do for you. Food Allergies for Dummies or the Peanut Allergy Answer book are two of the popular books but there are others. One of the books can fill in the basics for you. Sorry you have to join us. Cindy

By Tylersmom07 on May 11, 2009

Welcome - we have a similar story - my son is 18 months old. I am sorry you have to deal with this too! I definitely agree with the above - carry an Epi pen with you at all times - leave one at day care (if he attends), at family's houses, etc.