New to site, living with a peanut allergy for 20 years


Hi everyone my name is Kristen. I was diagnosed with a peanut allergy when I was two years old.. Luckily, I do not remember any different. I have not an allergic reaction to peanuts since my first & I would like to keep it that way.

By MomX3 on Apr 21, 2011

Wow! Any special tips you can share for avoiding peanut exposure?

By wehatepeanuts on Apr 22, 2011

Wow! Congrats on that! I woudl love to know how strict you are..Sometimes I feel maybe Im being to strict..My daughter was diagnosed at about 2 1/2 back in October, not even a yr yet..Would love your tips!

By KrisMarie9 on Apr 22, 2011

to wehatepeanuts: you can never be too strict!I was also diagnosed in October when I was two (I apparently got into a bowl of reeses at a halloween party) sometimes I would feel like i was being punished because everyone could have something I couldn't but I have come to accept it and thank my mother for always protecting me .. It's been hard but my mom was always really strict about it .. she would tell everyone around me that I was allergic to peanuts & wouldn't let me eat anything without knowing the ingredients & I am glad she did that because that's how I have stayed safe all this time .. I never eat anything unless I know what's in it and I always make sure everyone around me knows I'm allergic & if someone is eating it around me I avoid them as much as possible. I know it must be tough especially because your daughter is so young and other kids her age can eat peanuts, I would just make sure that everyone around her knows and knows how severe her allergic reaction can be .. my mother would explain it and let people know that I could die from it, that seemed to scare people more, I don't think anyone would want to be responsible for something like that.. I hope this helps! & as your daughter grows up she will understand you were only strict because you did not want anything bad to happen to her.. It's scary to know that something so small like a peanut can end your life so it is comforting to know that people are protecting you.

By Samantha418 on May 10, 2011

Wow I can totally relate! I'm 22 years old and was diagnosed with a PA when I was 8 months old, although I haven't been as lucky as you have been to avoid allergic reactions! I remember growing up and going trick or treating at halloween and then having to give my sister the majority of my candy because I couldn't eat it. you definitely feel different with an allergy, but it also helps shape who you are as a person. I am really lucky to have people that care about it as much as I do, too! Kudos to you!