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Hello! I've been reading a few posts here and there and have finally decided to join in the chats. My daughter is 6 1/2 yrs. old and was dx. with a peanut allergy at 18 months. She developed a tree nut allergy also. So, I feel fairly confident about reading labels and the such. Now, we just received a dx. of celiac disease (allergy to wheat, rye, barley, and oats). Now I am in over my head and thoroughly down in the dumps. I also have a 5 yr. old daughter with no allergies!! Well, that's my brief info. I hope you will all be able to share you wealth of info. with me. Thanks, Kelly

On Oct 25, 2007

Welcome Kelly. I am an Aussie who has had PA all my life (44yrs) and now I have a daughter (14) who also has PA and Egg allergy. It can be overwhelming to have so many allergies but you will get through it.

On Nov 3, 2007

Hi there..

I am sorry about all the diet restrictions.. that is difficult. Have you visted a web site for a store "my low carb life? " I think the web page is [url=""][/url]

They make food specifcally for these issues... the stroe is right near my house but I do believe they ship all over the country.. check it out! Therese

By I am Annie on Apr 2, 2011

Thank you for the comments. I always made sure that the school and the school's nurse were both well aware of the allergy, and that the nurse had an Epipen Jr. in the event that it is needed. My girls are young, at the ages of 9 and 7, so they do not carry a purse or cell phone. I am not really worried about them when they are at school, but there are times when they sleep over at a friends house, and I cannot be there every moment of everyday to watch over them. What I was looking for was an idea, like a purse, but something more compact, that could hang from their body, or be attached their clothes. That way, they always have it with them. They both know what they are for, and how to use them. But they also forget to take them with them, even though they know how important they are. I often try and remind them to take them, but as there are times when we are all in a rush to go somewhere or get things done... Well accidents happen, and we forget. Specifically, I was looking to see if anyone know of a pouch or a belt with a pocket or some type other device or article that holds and transports an Epipen Jr. as well as, makes it easy, fun or both for kids to carry, so that they have it with them when they need it most.

By Hrg2 on Apr 2, 2011

Hello I Am Annie and welcome to the site. I guess that getting your kids to carry there eppipens depends on now old they are. In most cases the school will keep them either in the classroom or in a centralized location such as the nurses office. You can not expect a very young child to carry there meds with them all the time. Kids loose things all the time and eppi is no exception. Think of it like this. Are they old enough to carry a purse or a cell phone? If yes, then they should be ok for them to carry there own eppi. If not, then let the school handle it. You also have to consider the rules the school may have in place regarding drugs on campus. Hell, I read a story about a girl that was suspended for taking a midol to school. They school cited a zero tolerance policy. I hate to say this but they would most likely regard the eppipen as a drug and suspend your kid ifnshe has the guile to bring a life saving drug to school. Please, check with the school and wate until the kids are old enough to not loose there purse or cell phine before letting her carry her own eppipen 24/7 . Just my two cents.

By I am Annie on Apr 2, 2011

Hello. I am also new to this site. Not only do I suffer from food allergies, but both of my young daughters do as well. I can both empathize and sympathize with you. The biggest issue I find is making sure that both of my daughters keep their Epipen Jr. with them. Can anyone help me with ideas an how to make sure they always have them on them?

By Samantha418 on Apr 12, 2011

I have a medical bracelet and every time i look at my wrist I am reminded to take my epipen with me. Maybe that would work! :)

By MomX3 on Apr 12, 2011

There are epipen cases/carriers that can be worn like fanny packs or on a belt loop. My son wore one in grade school and beyond. I ordered a case ages ago from FAN (Food Allergy Network), I believe. We now have a case that carries a twin pack, as my son unfortunately requires two injections if he has a reaction.

When he was in 6th grade (2002) he was the first student in the school district authorized to carry medication (epipen). This was accomplished as the result of a 504 meeting. We were worried that the nurse's office was far across campus and he would need to use an epipen immediately if he had a reaction. I also would sneak in a couple of benadryl capsules in his carrier, at the risk of him being cited for carrying unauthorized drugs.