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I'm new to this site after searching about Dunkin Donuts and cross contamination. I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter with a severe PA and an 11 month old. Is anyone else with a second child afraid to give the things to eat like pizza crust or toast because your concerned for repeat allergies or worse than first child. Everyone in my family thinks I'm being too cautious. I have started Cheerios, etc but am afraid to start the little things because of cross contamination and introducing allergens too early. We are a totally peanut free house but eggs, fish, wheat, etc. It's getting to the point where youngest wants to try and eat table food, any suggestions?

On Jul 24, 2007


My DD has a severe Peanut and T/Nut allergy. Like you, I was worried about my son, who was having mild reactions to pulses on weaning.

I had him refered to a specialist (I'm in the UK)when he was about 15 months who allergy tested him for nuts and pulses. He came up 'borderline' to nuts (whereas DD was most definitely allergic) and yes to some pulses.

The advice I got was to avoid nuts with him, but not to avoid 'may contains'.

He seems to be allergic and intolerant to a lot more foods than DD, but his reactions are not as severe as her.

So, in my experience, allergies are a very individual thing. Just becuase one child reacts in one way, doesn't mean the other one will.

If you are really worried, is it possible to have a test?

On Aug 5, 2007

Hi There, I can totally understand your fear of new foods.. Heck I am still like that with DS.. He still has not had shellfish because I am afraid of a reaction. I only have one child but I have a friend that has 2 children one is allergic to everything and the other one isn't alllergic to anything! go figure. I would approch the new foods as if he is not allergic.. ( not peanuts of course) I would talk to the allergist and see what he thinks.. Therese