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I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Sue. My husband and I have 2 children, a DD with no allergies (12 yrs), and a DS with severe peanut allergy (9 yrs). We have lived with this allergy since he was 1 1/2 years old when after eating a bite of peanut butter on toast he immediately developed hives around his mouth. Positive skin test at allergist confirmed peanut allergy, and we were given the instructions to avoid peanut and all nuts at that time as danger he could develop more nut allergies if exposed. Of course we went through the shock period of thinking there was'nt anything anylonger that was safe to eat, and went through the pantry and needed to throw just about everything away as most was labelled "may contain traces of peanuts". By reading info provided by our allergist and educating ourselves we have kept our son safe over the years...only 1 scare at a trusted restaurant 2 yrs ago when after eating a bite of pizza a hive developed on his cheek. Restaurant claimed no contact with peanuts, allergist felt could have gotten peanut residue from crayon son used for coloring before meal arrived, and we have learned to always have son thoroughly wash hands when meal arrives when eating out. So...a planned trip to Disney World in Feb lead me to do research and I found this site that I wished I'd found 8 yrs ago...better late than never. I quickly registered after reading so much input and great info. We live in Canada and Disney is our 1st family trip to US. Any input re food shopping, things to avoid, safe things, food labelling would be appreciated as we plan to do as much cooking as we can (staying at Wilderness Campground ina cottage with kitchen). Not familiar with food labelling on US products. Thanks so much.

On Jan 12, 2006

I am also new to this site- but have been a long time lurker. I am also a Canuck, but live in the US now. We were at WDW in Dec and stayed on site (Port Orleans). The restaurants at the resort were allergy aware when I mentioned a peanut/nut allergy. At the theme parks we did not have a problem. DD stuck to the usual kid friendly choices. You can search this site for products US people find safe. Brand names are a safe bet. ALWAYS READ LABELS! Good luck planning and have fun in WDW!

On Jan 13, 2006

If you do a search of the Travel forum, for Walt Disney, you get about 8 posts to check. There might be some on other forums as well, but I just checked travel.


I was going to put a link directly here but since there ar so many I thought it best if you look at as many as you want.

Have a great trip. [img][/img]

On Jan 13, 2006

We took a family trip to California last year with our PA son. It was also our first time travelling with our son to the US. I asked some questions here and found out that labelling is not as safe in the US. I did get a list from a poster (in the Travel section) about trusted brand names in the US. It helped us as we took it with us to the grocery store when we arrived. We made our lunches and had no problems eating out. The employees we spoke to seemed well informed about the safety of what our son was ordering and we had a wonderful, safe trip. We did take our own food on the airplane and made sure we had safe snacks (from Canada) with us for our first few hours there. Sorry, I'm not sure how to link you to the list but if you check my previous posts or check under travel to California you will find it.