New to site, 2 year old has PA

Posted on: Tue, 07/17/2001 - 6:15am
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I am a mother of a 2 year son who has a PA. My son had his first reaction just after his 1st birthday. It was so severe I had to take him by ambulance to the Hospital. I don't even know if it took no more than 30 seconds for my son to break out. The doctor told me that since his reaction was so bad the first time and being so yound, it would be far worst the next time. Thank god, there has not been a second time yet. Knowing my son has to live with this for the rest of his life, scares me. Will I ever be able to let him out of my site?

My son also has an egg allergy as well, which have the same results, except he would have to consume alot of egg.

I'm starting to find it really difficult because when he sees other kids eating things that he can't have he doesn't understand why. The foods are usally egg products as I don't allow family and friends to eat peanut or peanut related foods around him.

We have been to a allergy specialist and they say the chances of him outgrowing the peanut allergy is next to nil. What is kind of ironic is that when I was pregnant with him, this sounds kind of gross, I craved peanut butter and fried eggs sandwiches, and what do you know, he's allergic to both. The specialist says there is no relationship but I have to wonder.

I just found this site today and I have read some good advice from parents. It is nice to know that I'm not alone. Sometimes I feel like I'm a freak because I'm always so parinoid and I tend to not trust other peoples judgement when they tell me things are peanut free. I always make sure I read the label too, because I found even with my parents and parents-in-law they seem to miss things.

Does the fear ever go away?

Posted on: Tue, 07/17/2001 - 11:43am
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Hi, my almost 8 year old was diagnosed with peanut and egg allergy right before his first birthday. He hasn't had a reaction to either peanut or egg since. We've been extremely vigilant (paranoid at times, I'll admit it!). When he was 2 I couldn't imagine sending him to a friend's house to play without me, or sending him to preschool, school or 1/2 day camp programs--but we've managed to do all that. What I've found so far is that you have to figure out what comfort zone works for you and your family and then not second-guess yourself. My son has grown up knowing that he can only eat food that comes from me, his dad and his grandma. We don't eat too much processed food, and we call manufacturers a lot. We make lots of food from scratch. I try to accept the fact that it's hard to be spontaneous and that we have to do a lot of advance work to do something as simple as go to art camp or go to a new friend's house. We reduce the risk as much as we can and carry epipens wherever we go. I don't think the fear ever vanishes.
It is hard when they question why they can't eat what the other kids eat. We're lucky that this only happened one time when he was 3, at a birthday party. He's grown to accept that he can have treats, just not always the same exact ones as everyone else, and sometimes he'll have to wait until he gets home for his.
Good luck to you. It's all just become the way we live.

Posted on: Wed, 08/15/2001 - 11:58pm
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Hi mschleimer,
Welcome! Please read my post under my screen name. You may find some of the information in there helpful - especially the books. Click on this link.
Stay Safe,

Posted on: Thu, 08/23/2001 - 5:29am
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Hi everyone.....I am new to the site also and my 2 y/o has PA. We just had him checked for sesame seeds as results yet. I am always overwhelmed with introducing new foods. I agonized over the whole birthday cake thing at his 2 year party and finally got a cake at a bakery for the guests and made an additional one for him. (Betty Crocker has checked out as ok). My biggest worry is finding him allergic to some other foods too. Therefore, I always stress when he has anything new. All in all I try to remind myself that he could have some really horrible thing like cancer or cp and I shouldn't feel sorry for myself and him.....but it is so hard. My husband thinks I am crazy half the time.
I'd love some advice on safe cereals......we only give him cheerios, I am too scared to try anything else. Thanks for everyone on this board. I know I will be here often.!

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