New to peanut allergy, PLEASE HELP!!


Hello everyone! I am new to the peanut allergy here. And I really need some help. My seven year old son has had allergies since he was 8 months old. He was allergy tested and it came back with alot of food allergies. As time went by he would do good for a year. Then he would go down hill again. We were constantly changing doctors to find answers. The one allergist told me that he out grew his allergy to peanuts. Than as I began to research I found out different. To make a very long story short he developed into asthma. And by every day he keeps getting worse. He was in the hospital a few weeks ago and I thought I was going to loose him. He woke up one morning and could barely breath. They told me that he could barely blow a ten on a peak flow meter. It keeps gettin worse. He is on advair, sinqulair, tilade, and nasonex. I have had him re tested and the doctor said he has a peanut allergy and to avoid it. Am I over reacting by taking the food away from him. She he has eaten it before and never had a problem. When he ate foods he would have symptoms within 48 hours. Now its WAM!! No warning signs. I am in need of help!! Amul

On Jan 23, 2002

You are NOT overacting at all! This is the right place to come. There are parents here that seem to have answers to everything. If you dont get enough help here - please post on the main discussion board. I would definitly go to another doctor - your son should not have to go through that. There is obviously something that is triggering these reactions. They need to find it - you might try keeping a list ( i know its hard) of everything he eats for say a week or so and keep track of any reactions and where they occur. A little testing of your own might help some. Dont feel alone - lately I live at this website. Take care.

On Jan 23, 2002

What city are you in? Maybe one of us knows a good allergist in your city.

On Jan 24, 2002

Amul- I am sorry for the ordeal you have been through. We all struggle along in the beginning. I have learned so much from the posts on this site. (A doctor appointment may be 30 min long but I have spent HOURS here reading countless experiences of others who LIVE with peanut allergy 24/7.) If you are not sure what is triggering your child, I would take EVERYTHING out of his/her diet that is even questionable. People have had reactions from foods that are not labelled with a "may contain" warning. It is possible that the reactions are from cross contamination in food preparation. (I have begun making cookies rather than buying store bought because of this.) I would encourage you to search this site thoroughly. There are many links to other sites that explain anaphylaxis and how to prepare to deal with it, should it happen. Do you have 2 epi-pens and Benadryl with your child AT ALL TIMES?

So that you don't have to spend the time searching, I am going to list several links that I have found from this site: [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] (800-929-4040) [url=""][/url] (Peanut allergy-What you need to know; also Lay News- Allergy spurs school peanut-butter ban) [url=""][/url] (Cross-Contamination: What is Peanut Free?) [url=""][/url] (Professional Resource Center: Position statement 34) [url=""][/url] (I loved this article!) (also take link to "How much peanut is too much?) [url=""][/url]

[url=""][/url] (Peanut allergy- What you need to know" read under A. Failure of Institutions (incomplete labelling) These web addresses have been in my file for a few years. I hope you are able to find everything.

I recieved so much conflicting medical information from 2 pediatricians and 2 allergists that I decided to do some research myself. As I learned from all of this information, it helped me to feel secure. When one doctor said something that I didn't quite agree with, I recall ALL of these DIFFERENT medical professionals agreeing with the severity of food allergies. Different people have had different experiences.You will need to find a comfort zone that works for YOU. Stay at this website. It is the best place for peanut allergy information that I have found. Best Wishes to you. We all know how hard it is in the beginning!

On Jan 24, 2002

Amul, It has been so long since I went from the Main Page through the "LINKS" option...several of the wesites I listed are from there. I would encourage you to search all of the ones Chris set up for They are great!

On Jan 24, 2002

Twins Mom,

Where would I find information that would have the other names for peanuts listed. I read all products and I never see peanuts listed. Thanks


Shanes Mom

On Jan 24, 2002

Some companies use peanuts in "natural flavoring". It will not be listed!! Mine have never reacted to that. The Food Allergy Network (their 800# is on my first post) has all sorts of materials you can purchase. They sell a small laminated card you can carry in your purse that lists the names of the undisclosed flavorings that may have peanuts residue in them. (I used to have one of those cards, I have misplaced it.) If you call and describe it, I'm sure they can find the product number and order it for you. It is not very much ($2 maybe) If you do not have their video "It Only Takes One Bite" I would suggest getting that. They could send you their order form which describes other things they sale. "Alexander the Elephant Who Couldn't Eat Peanuts" is a wonderful video for small children. If you are trying to narrow down what the trigger is, I think I would cut out most bakery items. That is the most likely source. We have never had a reaction to any other type of nut, but the more I have thought about how nuts are processed in a manufacturing facility, the more leary I am to give my children any other nut containing foods. (Cereals with honey/nut flavoring, Rice with pecans, breads with hazelnuts, and many ice creams due to how they are manufactured) I have just decided there are too many other choices to make. We avoid all nuts. I may be avoiding some foods that I don't need to, but we have had some frightening reactions. It is not worth it! Most manufacturers list their 800# on the product. I know it is alot of work, but call and ask them if there is ANY chance that peanut products are made on the same production line. I have been told to call a few times, on different days to see if the answer remains consistent. It really is possible that it is not what is IN the food your child is eating. If your child is highly reactive, it may be residue from the manufacturing process (cross contamination). Didn't you say you are scheduled to go to an allergist soon? I wonder where your son would register on a blood test? I would try to have him seen ASAP and ask an allergist all of these questions. Continue gathering information here (I'm sure you are.) That will help you come up with more questions for your allergist. Best Wishes.

One more thing, how does your school handle his peanut allergy? Is he at a high risk of exposure at lunch or snack time? When he has been triggered, what symptoms has he had and how fast have they occurred? Was he at home, school, or eating out?

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On Jan 27, 2002

Here is a list that I have aquired thru research hope it helps I also have an extensive list on milk if you want it?? Terms that indicate the presence of PEANUT Protein are beer nuts cold pressed peanut oil ground nuts mixed nuts Nu-Nuts nut pieces peanuts peanut flour Terms that MAY indicate presence is Hydrolyzed plant protein Hydrolyzed vegetable protein marzipan natural flaorings nougat hope this helps...any??? just give me a call